Don’t Panic! Things to Do When Your Car Breaks Down


Every car owner would have at least one story of the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and the person getting stranded for hours until help arrived. No matter how careful you are with your car maintenance, some car breakdowns can never be averted.

Every driver has needed emergency breakdown services more than once. For people who tend to take car service and maintenance lightly, the need to call for emergency breakdown services is more frequent than those car owners who never skip a car service appointment.

Any expert will recommend following the car service schedule religiously to ensure that the car runs efficiently with fewer chances of it breaking down. But let us all face it, none of us ever know when we would need emergency breakdown services.

So, you need to be ready for such emergencies, especially when you are travelling a long distance by road. Before setting off to travel long distances, we would recommend you to take care of 4 points to prepare yourself for a sudden car breakdown:

4 points to prepare yourself for a sudden car breakdown

  1. A ready spare tyre with the needed inflation pressure and all the needed tools to replace a flat tyre.
  2. Extra fuel in a spare fuel tank.
  3. Contact numbers of emergency breakdown service providers.
  4. A torch and a survival kit if you plan to travel through a deserted route.

Now the main question that arises in the mind of every car owner is how to find a reliable emergency breakdown service provider in a location that one is not familiar with. To help you out of all the confusion, we have mentioned easy tips to follow to find a reliable emergency breakdown service provider:

  • Go Online:

    When your car breaks down in a place far away from home, you would have no idea where to go or whom to call for assistance. In such cases, the internet always comes to your rescue. Go online and look up all the breakdown service providers serving the area you are stranded in. There are phone apps that let you find nearby auto service stations. Also, look at the rating given by previous users online for the emergency breakdown service you choose to get assistance from. While going through ratings, carefully read the comments given by their service users. It will help you to select the best out of the given options.

  • Road Assistance Services:

    Many auto service providers offer road assistance services that you can register for. These services take off all the worry related to emergency breakdowns as they provide towing services in any corner of the country. Roadside assistance is highly recommended if you are on the road for long periods frequently. With this, you know what to do next after your car breaks down suddenly and you can rely on an experienced auto service provider to offer reliable emergency breakdown services.

  • Learn Your Exact Location:

    While you are out stranded in the middle of nowhere, use your smartphone, and learn your exact location. This will help you to guide the breakdown service providers regarding your current location. It will save a lot of time as both parties won’t be confused with the location. You can relay your location to your family and friends, just in case you are finding the place more secluded. So, that they either pick you up or they those where you are stranded.

  • Stay away from the road and wait for help to arrive:
    One of the biggest problems during car breakdowns is being hit by passing traffic. There have been reports of several such incidents where a running car rammed into a car waiting to get towed. To avoid such incidents, the first instinct as the owner of the broken-down car is to try your best to get to the side of the road. If it is night-time, turn your car lights on to alert all the passing vehicles. Also, try to avoid getting help from passing cars. Do not flag down people and ask for assistance as it might turn out to be dangerous. Also, emergency breakdown service providers have the needed professional tools and knowledge to get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Final Thoughts:

These tips will help you get through any car breakdown situation, but make sure that the emergency breakdown service provider you choose to get assistance from is reliable. As breakdown happens because of key car part failures, so make sure the car spare used while repairing are genuine ones. You can also look out for tips for buying car spare parts on the internet to get an idea about the same.