Reasons To Choose Braemar Evaporative Cooling


Evaporative cooling is adopted rapidly, especially in conventional food manufacturing companies, as their alternative to traditional air conditioning systems due to its numerous benefits. Superior quality of air, better energy efficiencies, low initial purchases, installation, no carbon emissions, and maintenance costs are a couple of benefits of adapting to Braemar evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is responsible for recreating the natural processes related to cooling through evaporation that offers the constant flow of fresh air into the business premises. These evaporative coolers can help water circulation through the saturated media for cooling by drawing the air across the media surfaces.

There are two main types of Braemar evaporative cooling: indirect and direct cooling. The key difference between the two is that direct cooling will never introduce moisture to the indoor temperature, whereas indirect cooling can. However, the technology has now progressed to a point where it can combine both indirect and direct cooling tactics, which significantly enhances the method’s performance to achieve around 95% efficiency.

Braemar Evaporative Cooling
Braemar Evaporative Cooling

1. It is Eco-Friendly for The Environment-

Evaporative cooling is extremely economical; however, they are healthy and great for the environment. The Braemar evaporative cooling system delivers 100% air renewal that enhances the air’s quality indoors.

It uses around 80% of less consumption of energies than the conventional air con unit, which means that the air is completely filtered and free from fumes, gases, and odours. Braemar evaporative cooling also never uses the coolant gases like the CFCs as it uses natural water, returning them to the atmosphere as vapour for dehumidifying the air accordingly.

2. It is Cost-Efficient for Operating-

These units are extremely competitive in purchases, capital outlays, maintenance costs and operations compared to the equivalent air con unit using a compressor.

The operational costs of the Braemar evaporative cooling units are almost like a fan. The cost of installing them is extremely low since they require the source of water and electrical supplies without any additional installations. Additionally, the units have a couple of moving parts with the probability of failure that takes place, which is low.

3. Low Costs Involved-

The cost involved in the Braemar evaporative cooling system installation is mainly substantially less for the refrigerating system, and the operational cost is extremely low. They are estimated that when using this refrigeration system, you will start paying double for whatever you are paying for operating the evaporative system.

These evaporative cooling units will involve paying for just the water and operating the electrical fan. These refrigerated systems use a lot of electricity for their refrigeration systems, including compressors and special pumps. It would mean that the cost of repairs is extremely low. The refrigerated systems have a lot that can go wrong, with the cost of the parts being quite high.

Braemar Evaporative Cooling
Braemar Evaporative Cooling

4. Fresher Air-

Braemar evaporative cooling units provide the opportunity for fresh air to flow through your property, which will prevent indoor pollutants from building up. If you use a refrigerated air conditioning system, you will close off rooms while the system is running, which could lead to volatile chemicals building up in the air.

These cooling units will aid in the enhanced humidity present in the air, with the additional smaller amounts of moisture being part of the cooling processes. A bit of moist air is the best for us to breathe. The dry air could lead to several health issues, specifically respiratory conditions such as sore throats.

The highly maintained cooling pads in the quality Braemar evaporative cooling units will start filtering out the air-borne contaminants before they start entering your residence.

5. Quieter Operation-

These refrigerated systems consist of the compressor that is mainly located outside. You might have already heard about one such kick with the cooling actions of these systems would have to work. They are extremely noisy, and they are located almost closer to your home in the residential system.

The noisy air conditioning compressors are quite irritating, especially during the night whenever you try to sleep. These Braemar evaporative cooling units do not use compressors; they only use a fan and motor. Whenever they are in the appropriate size to meet the needs of your property, then they would start operating quietly.


Unlike conventional cooling systems, Braemar evaporative cooling units require a constant airflow. It would mean that you would start benefiting through always having higher quality with fresher air in your facilities, reducing any possible risk of contaminations.