What Are Roof Anchor Points And What Are the Benefits Of Installing Roof Anchor Points?


Those technicians and experts who work on a height of a building need proper safety and support at all times. Every year, many workers tend to fall from the roof leading to grave injuries. That is why businesses and property owners need to keep the structures safe by installing roof anchor points.

These days most business owners know that not having the appropriate height safety anchors can lead to criminal charges against the company. This guide is to inform   you about the roof anchors choices and what is the overall benefit of installing roof anchor points:

About Roof Anchor Point

Roof anchor points are basically a part of the fall arrest systems. Fall arrest systems are designed to stop a person from falling from the roof or any type of elevated surface. Anchor points are installed on the lanyards and roofs so that the person who works on the roof can attach lifelines and harnesses to it.

This is the reason why one should choose the right anchor point before picking the fall arrest system. The anchor point has to be installed in the right place; otherwise, it will not alleviate the risk of falling. The choice of anchor points is determined by the overall work that has to be performed and the weight that the anchor will have to carry in case of a fall. OHSA determines the factors and parameters of points before installing roof anchor points. They decide the weight limit, the point of instalment, the rigidity and the choice of anchor based on the work.

Three types of anchor points can be chosen from:

– Horizontal lifelines: These anchors are used when more than one worker is working at the same time and needs to be protected through the PFAS.

– Permanent anchors: These are steel or galvanized anchors that are attached to the structure permanently during the construction itself. They are safe and remains on the building forever, thus helping whenever a worker needs to work on the roof.

– Portable anchors: These are temporary anchors used for temporary jobs as they can be installed when needed for the job. They are non-penetrating into the structure and thus are not permanent in installing roof anchor points.

Benefits Of Roof Anchor Points

There are many benefits associated with anchor points for elevated structures:

– Avoid injuries: Working on an elevated surface can be quite a risk as a worker can fall and get injured. Installing roof anchor points help in securing the worker while they work and avoid any hazard of falling off the roof.

– Hassle-free: Having an anchor attached to the roof for safe climbing and safe working makes the work easy. Workers can climb and work around easily without any worries, thus quickening the process.

– Prevent legal action: Not having an anchor point means, putting the worker’s life at risk. In case an accident takes place within the confines of the property, the worker can put up a lawsuit against the owner. One can avoid this if there is an anchor point installed.

Choosing An Anchor Point

Choosing the right anchor point for the building is a crucial choice to make. One should do every research possible and ask experts to choose as per the need. The material of the anchors along with the weight-bearing capacity should be taken into consideration.

Installing roof anchor points will not only keep the worker safe but can also safeguard the property owners from an expensive lawsuit in case of an accident.