12 Things to Check before Buying a Used Car


You don’t need to blow your whole investment in the brand new car when you can get even more benefits from a used car. Investing in a used car is also a good idea, instead of investing in a brand new car. It became easier when car manufacturers and many trustable dealers deal in a second-hand car on their platform with a warranty too.

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Let’s go through with the benefits of buying a used car

Facilitates savings and affordability

This is the most distinctive advantage, buying a second-hand car you can have is that it will boost your savings and affordability. As used car prices are low.

Reduce Depreciation value

The value of the car will start depreciating at the moment when it drives away from the showroom. Generally, the value of cars depreciated by 20% per year for the first few years. So, 50% of the value of your car is depreciated in two to three years.

Lesser rates for insurance premiums

The market value of the car determines the car insurance premiums. Insurance companies have high premiums rates for policies of new cars with high market value.

Add-on installation without an extra price

Car owners may set some extra features in their cars like seat belt reminders, navigation systems, bumper guards, etc. All necessary accessories will be pre-installed. You don’t need to pay any extra for the same.

Reduce registration fees

You have to pay some taxes and charges to the government, like registration fees, when you buy a new car. Opting for a second-hand car is a better option to avoid these charges.

A good contribution to the environment

The fraction of the carbon dioxide produced by a car at the manufacturing process & initial shipping is high. So, by choosing a used car you are helping the environment by eliminating the two biggest polluting factors.

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just check the list of a few things mentioned below.

1. History of vehicle

Try to get more and more details from the current holder and then inspect yourself. You can check history records of accidents if there are any. You can get a history of the vehicle at ca.

2. Conditions of the tire

you can’t overlook the condition of the tire. All four tires should match. The tire tread should be evenly worn; uneven tread reflects poor alignment, symptoms of suspension, steering, and frame issues.

3. Mileage

You can check mileage by dividing the units between the odometer and the age of the vehicle.

4. Test drive

A test drive is the best way to analyze the features of the car. Plan your route in a way that you can check its acceleration, braking, suspension, and maneuverability. Try to get any blind mark the car might have. Drive on highways and try parallel parking.

5. Check the RC

Before buying a second-hand vehicle, verification of the Registration certificate is important. To check whether the owner and seller of the car are the same. Mileage indicates the way the vehicle, used in the past.

6. Check Air- conditioning system

It is a must to check if the air conditioning is working properly or not. Do check if the compressor is leaking.

7. Dashboard & interiors

Don’t forget to have a close look at dashboards, door handles, and steering, etc. Also, check if the power window switches, wiper, and indicator stalk are

8. Interior electrical parts

Do check all electrical parts like radio, sound system, woofers, lights, etc. check air conditioner and heater as well.

9. Underbody

If possible, check the car’s underbody to inspect rust.

10. Upholstery

Check stains, cracked leather, or if there are any tears on all seats. Repairing upholstery can be expensive.

11. Rust or paint damage

Give a walk all over the car and keep an eye for rusty spots. Small rust spots can be fixed easily and fairly. But you can reconsider your purchase, where metal is completely rusted.

12. Frame issues

Don’t forget to pay attention to the frame. Find if there is any problem with the sitting level. Check if there is any hanging from the undersurface.

After analyzing, all the factors and features make sure:

  • Inspect the car and papers thoroughly.
  • To transfer the RC (registration certificate) of a second-hand vehicle in your name
  • To get the insurance of the second-hand car in your name
  • To transfer the NCB (no claim bonus)
  • The car is clean and fixed