Build a Work-Conducive Home Office and Boost Your Productivity


You finally landed the perfect work-from-home job. Initially, you were thrilled to hear the news. Then, your excitement quickly turned to dismay when you realized you weren’t prepared to create a work-conducive home office. Don’t fret; here are 8 clever ways to create a work-friendly environment at home.

8 Ways to Build A Work-Conducive Home Office

1. Find a space with natural light

Work in an area where natural light comes through the windows to boost your energy levels and get more work done. Dim lighting can cause drowsiness which reduces your ability to focus on your tasks. Consequently, if you work in a low-lit environment, it affects your eyes.

2. Pick a warm, neutral color for your home office

Your workstation at home may not be the best place for brightly colored walls. If you want a relaxing workplace environment to allow you to focus on your tasks, pick neutral colors and warm tones for your decor.

3. Invest in good lighting

When your home office provides insufficient natural light, consider adding lighting fixtures. Having a well-lit workspace keeps your mind and body awake while stimulating your creative juices to flow. Aside from fixtures, you can also buy desk lamps with warm, yellow lights or invest in a light stand you can easily adjust.

4. Bring in the green

Plants are an excellent addition to your workspace because they look beautiful and reduce eye strain. Moreover, studies show that indoor plants remove 87% of air toxins, which means breathing healthier air. You should have at least two indoor plants within 100 feet in your workspace. And, if your space allows it, choose a bigger, leafier plant or two. Now, more than ever, you need all the natural air purifiers you can get.

5. Unclutter your desk

A cluttered office desk can reduce concentration on your tasks and may cause you stress. Keep your desk free of distractions and move all unnecessary things out of sight to maintain focus. If you have an organized workspace, you will be able to prioritize your tasks efficiently.

6. Try ascent

Nobody wants to work in a room with an unpleasant smell. The constant smell of an undesirable odor will distract from your work. When this happens, make sure to locate the smell’s source and immediately remove it from the room. Then, try aromatic essential oils for attention and productivity like peppermint, sweet orange, and lemon. Diffusing these essential oils will make your work environment smell great while you’re working.

7. Designate a break area

Just as machines need idle times, humans need rest too. Excessive screen time and prolonged periods of sitting can cause harm to your eyes and back. That’s why you must take breaks every couple of hours. Choose a nook where you can recharge, enjoy a cup of coffee, or take a power nap. You might want to avoid your bedroom at this point because you might accidentally fall asleep longer than planned. Taking a break refreshes your mind and boosts your performance at work.

8. Choose the right furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your home office is crucial for your productivity. If you slouch in your office chair or your desk is not at a comfortable height, you’ll be uneasy while working. Furthermore, if you sit for hours in an improper position, your body will suffer over time. Consider comfort, durability, color, and design when choosing your office furniture. Be sure to pick those that reflect your style and works well for you. Check out the timeless home office collection from Calligaris furniture.

  • Office desk

Your desk is the most critical piece of furniture in your home office. A good one must be functional and eye-appealing. Opt for a desk with holes for wires to go through without looking cluttered. You may also want to have one that has small storage areas on the side where you can put your work stuff.

  • Ergonomic chair

If you work long hours, chances are you are prone to back pain; hence, invest in an ergonomic chair. Another option is a height-adjustable swivel chair, so your movements are not restricted.

  • Storage shelves

Cluttered books, papers, and other knick-knacks can disrupt your focus. A good quality shelf will help you neatly organize your books, documents, and work magazines.

Establishing a home office where you are comfortable working is rewarding. Take the time to pick an area with natural lighting. Then, choose furniture pieces that will help you organize your workspace to do your job efficiently. If you need help finding home office furniture in Colorado, contact your local home design experts today.