Everything You Should Know About a Yoga Mat


Previously, there was only one kind of PVC-based yoga mat available in the market and with respect to the color, the only choice you got at the time of purchase was either blue or pink. However, now, you can purchase a yoga mat depending on your preference and choice.

It is important to understand that along with a good pattern and color, your yoga mat needs to be good enough to help you maintain stability in your yoga poses. This is a primary requirement. You can also search for an environment-friendly mat. If you are looking for certain features on why and how to purchase a yoga mat, then reading the entire article might come in handy.

You might get confused about what a meditation pillow is and how it is different from others. In simple words, these pillows or mats are specially designed for yoga practitioners. The pillow will help you lift your pelvis while engaging in some yoga positions. Additionally, these pillows are specially designed to align your spine.

If you are a beginner, you should consider purchasing the yoga mat or pillow as it will protect you from severe injury. You can also use these mats for several other purposes. If you are suffering from back pain, you can prefer using these mats during your workout to increase blood flow as well.

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

Benefits of Using the Yoga Mat: 

Well, there are many reasons why an individual needs to purchase a yoga mat, and some of the reasons are given below.

  • While performing yoga, our hand gets sweaty, and as a result, we can slip and our knees, hand, and face might get hurt also. In fact, there are thousands of ways you can get hurt if you practice yoga directly on the floor. However, using a good yoga mat can prevent all of those.
  • Another common injury during yoga is discomfort during holding positions and stretching, and you might get shoulder or back pain or sore knees. Therefore, everyone needs a yoga mat, as it can protect you from all these problems and help you get a quality yoga session.
  • A yoga mat can also help you maintain your body balance for a longer period. Simply put, you can expect a quality workout session as you won’t feel any discomfort during the session.

How to Get a Good Yoga Mat? 

Unlike other sports accessories, getting a quality yoga mat depends on many factors, and researchers says that almost all of them directly influence how your yoga session will go.

  • Thickness-

The thickness of your yoga mat has a lot to do with your comfort, as your knee can get banged during crescent lunge while using a thin mat. A yoga mat with a thickness of ¼ inch makes it difficult for you to develop a connection with the ground.

  • Material-

A yoga mat comprises sponginess, Eco-friendliness, texture, and stickiness, mainly how it wears over time. Most of the standard yoga mats are PVC-based, or else it’s vinyl. Recycled natural rubber, organic cotton, and jute are also used to create good yoga mats.

It is recommended that you avoid purchasing a natural rubber yoga mat if you have any latex problems. Again, if you want a long-lasting mat, consider purchasing a PVC mat.

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat
  • Stickiness-

A sticky yoga mat will help you not fall or slide during the poses and will also help you maintain a proper alignment as you shift from one position to another.  PVC mats contain a sticky factor, and most users prefer this type of mat. PVC mat will always offer a great workout session and help you hold a position for an extended period.

  • Price Range- 

Research says that a PVC 1/8-inch yoga mat won’t cost you much, and most people prefer purchasing this mat as it is budget-friendly and long-lasting. You can also consider purchasing a mat with a good logo, pattern, or textures. However, if you consider purchasing any eco-friendly mat it might cost you more than other mats.


To deal with the stupendous workload of fast life and the threat of end number of diseases, more and more people are practicing yoga to stay fit and healthy. Experts suggest that beginners must use a yoga mat while practicing, increasing their stability, and offering comfort. In this regard, you may search for a yoga mat and purchase one depending on your requirement and need.


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