Features Which A Top Quality Covid-19 Face Mask Must Possess


While most of us are vaccinated with both doses, there are still cases coming out that people are contracting the Covid 19 virus. On the other hand, there are still people who are vaccinated but with only a single shot or not vaccinated at all. You can be a person in any of the above-stated situations, but one thing that every one of us must follow is to wear a top-quality mask. You might be one of those people who wants to save. However, putting your money in a good mask is highly needed as this will increase the protection level from viruses.

Now, what do we understand by top quality? The meaning may differ from person to person. Listed below are a few common things that should be included in everybody’s list regarding the features of a top-quality Covid 19 face mask


The material of your mask should not be a cotton cloth material. Because then wearing or not wearing a mask wouldn’t make much difference. Either you should wear an N95 mask or a surgical mask. Therefore, a person might wonder what is the basis of deciding which mask is more effective and which one is not is. The efficiency of the mask is dependent upon two things

Face Mask

  • How well the mask fits you
  • How well is the quality of material because the better quality will only lead to better capturing of particles

The very common masks which are available in the market and are also recommended for usage are-Surgical mask, K95 mask, and N95 masks. The quality of these masks is such that as soon as the particle touches the mask surface, they are stopped from entering our nose. You might still want to prefer a cloth mask by wearing two of them-this wouldn’t make much of a difference, and eventually, you will have to shift to N95, K95, or surgical masks

The fit of the masks

The very basic thing to be considered before buying a mask is whether it is a suitable fit for your face or not. You can buy the mask with the best of material. But, if it doesn’t even fit you properly, then it would be of no use to you. There are gaps, and air always finds ways to enter from the easier path. So accordingly, you should buy a mask that is a perfect fit for you.

Face Mask

Also, it is not mandatory for infants of the age of 2 years or below to wear masks. For any person who has any sort of breathing issues, the Covid 19 face mask is not a mandatory thing. As important as it is to wear good quality and well-fitted mask, it is equally important to wear a mask properly. You are not supposed to touch your masks every now and then after wearing them because they will only transfer germs. And it is also important to sanitize your hands regularly.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of Covid 19 face masks available on the market while claiming to be the best. Be certain to buy the masks which not only claims but also have backing while making those claims. In such times, it is extremely important to wear masks because as saying goes – why be curative when you can be preventive. Encourage all your near and dear ones to wear masks that are of good quality and are well fitted as per the size of their face. Therefore, shift to a good mask as soon as possible, which can actually serve the purpose.