How to Book Flight Tickets with Spirit Airline


These days, all you need is your smartphone and a little knowledge to board several of the most well-known airlines more easily than ever before. We’re going to provide you some pointers and strategies today to help you do that.

Many of the most well-known airlines these days have started offering digital boarding services, which allow you to check in easily via an email or app, move your bags to the appropriate location, and leave the rest of the stress to the flight attendants at the front of the cabin. This is an attempt to streamline the process of processing all of their customers.

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Steps to book Spirit Airlines Ticket 

Booking the Spirit Airlines Ticket is just a few steps which you can do online without visiting the airport. However, the booking facility is also available on the airport premises. Here we are listing the steps to book your Spirit Airlines ticket online using the website or mobile app.

  • Open the Spirit Website or mobile application to book your ticket. Before initiating the process, decide the destination and dates when you want to travel.
  • After navigating to the booking section select that you want a round trip or one way trip.
  • Enter the source airport name from where you want to start your journey and then select the destination airport where you want to land. Select the date and fill other information like number of passengers etc.
  • Submit the information to get the details of available flights on the selected route. After checking the price, time and policies, select the one which suits your requirement.
  • Proceed with the booking and fill the information as asked by the instructions, make the payment and save your ticket.
  • Additionally, you can also add seat, meal or anything else from the given options if you want.

Book Spirit Ticket Offline

Passengers can book their Spirit Ticket from the airport counter where they need to visit the Spirit counter. Get assistance from the executive for booking, he will take the details from you and book a ticket for you after collecting all the information and details related to your trip. After booking, collect your ticket from the counter.

Alternatively, you can also book the ticket on call, for that you have to call the customer care number of the Spirit airlines and the executive will book the ticket after collecting the trip information. Be careful that you are dialling a valid customer care number instead of any spam and do not share any sensitive information like CVV on call while booking ticket,


You must first locate the airline app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store in order to get started.

Additionally, keep in mind that airlines do have their own applications or authentic third party vendors which are safe to use instead of any doubtful third party sites, not all of them are wealthy and will instead choose to use email. Before you arrive at the airport, make sure your airline has a smart phone app. If not, your only choice for boarding will be a regular paper pass once you enter the terminal.

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