How would you Choose Contact Lenses??


You need to consult an optometrist before you make contact lenses. An optometrist will examine your eyes, including your refractive errors, and prescribe the best lenses. But you need to consider several factors before you choose a contact lens. Here, you can find some important things that will help you choose the best lenses for your eyes.

6 Important Things That Will Help You Choose The Best Lenses For Your Eyes

1. Decide the Lenses according to their Usage:

Do you want to wear your lenses every day? If you want to use them every day, then you need to choose some soft lenses. You can also find some temporary lenses which can be used occasionally. These lenses are also available in various colors and you can change your eye color by wearing such lenses. We know these as cosmetic contact lenses. But if you have any refractive error in your eyes, then you must choose rigid gas permeable lenses. We also know these lenses as RGP and GP.


2. Sharpness of the Contact Lenses:

You can choose soft lenses for your eyes and you need to wait for a week to use them. At the initial stage, you can feel uncomfortable and you cannot achieve 100% sharpness. But you can easily sharpen your vision from the first day by choosing RGP or GP lenses. If you have astigmatism, then you must choose rigid gas permeable lenses.

3. How would you Maintain your Contact Lenses?

You must know that wearing contact lenses on regular basis can create some fungal eye infections and you can suffer from corneal ulcers. To avoid such problems, you need to clean and maintain your lenses every day. There are multiple solutions available for cleaning the lenses and you can take suggestions from your eye doctor too. If you have sensitive eyes, then you cannot wear RGP or GP lenses. You can try soft lenses and you can buy some disposable lenses. You can use these lenses and dispose of them after every use.

4. Do you want to wear the Lenses Overnight?

It is unnecessary to wear lenses overnight because you will not work in your dream. But if you want to wear your lenses overnight, then you must choose some lenses which are approved by FDA. These lenses can allow high amounts of oxygen to pass through your eyes, and you can wear them overnight. We do not recommend using such lenses overnight, and you must consult your doctor before you choose such lenses. An optometrist can suggest to you the best lenses which can be used overnight.


5. How to choose Bifocal Lenses?

If you need bifocal or multifocal lenses, then you need to consult your eye doctor. You can get rid of your heavy reading glasses and use such lenses. Apart from that, special lenses are available for monovision. It is a problem where you can face some problems in distance vision, there is a less distinct separating line.

6. Do you have allergies?

If you have allergies or dry eyes, then you cannot wear contact lenses. You need to consult your doctor before you try any lenses. In this case, you can use disposable lenses to reduce your allergy-related problems. There are some brands available that offer special lenses for dry eyes. You can try their products if required.


You must consult your doctor before you choose any brand or lens. There are some colorful disposable lenses available and you can use them for any special occasion. But you can suffer from an eye infection. So, it is better to consult an optometrist to decide about the lenses.