Ways To Create More Storage Space In Your Home


Be it while trying to make our tight quarters more functional or attempting to achieve a clearer-looking interior, somehow, we always seem to end up looking for ways to squeeze more storage space out of our homes. Fortunately, with just a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and strategizing, it’s easy to meet your storage needs even in limited square footage. In this article, we share some ways to create more storage space in your home.

Start With A Purging Session

Three words to help get your storage project underway – keep, trash, and donate. Getting rid of some duplicate stuff or things you no longer want or need will help control the clutter and maximize the space you already have. Not to mention how a single decluttering sash can have a positive effect on your lifestyle. The clearer look you’ll achieve will turn your home into a blissful retreat and make you love walking through that front door. So, go room by room, and don’t let sentiment and indecision pour over you.

Learn to work with the space you’ve got

If you wish to create more storage space in your home, don’t think twice about it: good organization is key! And now that you’ve got less stuff to deal with, finding a home for everything you’ve decided to keep will be much less of a trouble.

Use space-efficient storage solutions

The right storage solutions will help you use the space you already have in the most efficient way. For smarter organization, professional organizers recommend opting for square plastic containers instead of round ones, clear ones instead of opaque, nesters instead of sets. Also, it’s better to use a mix of container sizes than to rely on one-size-fits-all ones.

To save a few bucks, get creative with the items you already own. For instance, use magazine holders for storing root vegetables, salvage an old fruit basket to hold your bath supplies, repurpose an extra over-the-door shoe organizer to corral children’s toys, etc. Likewise, you can recycle old cardboard boxes: cut the tops off, use the bottom parts for a top-notch pantry organization, and the leftovers for a DIY drawer organizer.

Utilize the overlooked spots

Overlooked storage spots are a wise way to make every inch of your home work harder. Increase the storage space in your house or apartment by using the area under the stairs, under the bed, close to the ceiling, above cabinets or shelves, unused toe-kick spaces under base cabinets, etc.

Think simple add-ons

Incremental storage will help you get the most out of cramped spaces. For instance, a simple narrow shelf addition makes a lot of difference by offering just enough room for storing oft-used items at your fingertips. But once you start thinking vertically, you’ll quickly become aware of the versatility of this simple add-on storage solution. Ceiling shelves, corner shelves, behind- and around-the-door shelving – you name it! These are great storage ideas for a tidier-looking living space.

Of course, you don’t have to rely solely on shelving. There’s a variety of cleverly designed products out there that could serve as an easy fix for a whole slew of storage woes. Hairdryer- or plastic bag holders that you can mount inside your cabinet doors are just a few examples of single-storage items that will help free up floor or counter space. Plus, they’re not only low-cost but an easy DIY too.

Go the extra mile

If you are prepared to go the extra mile to create additional storage space in your abode, you are only one phone call away. Call a professional and go through some of these fantastic storage ideas with them. Alternatively, while these aren’t meant to be DIYs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put your next-level carpentry skills to good use if you can. Here are some ideas:

  • We’ve already mentioned the area under your stairway, but why stop there? If you have any remodeling projects coming your way, consider adding storage inside your staircase. Build in a drawer under each step for convenient yet undiscernible storage.
  • During your bathroom reconstruction, think about upgrading your bathtub by adding some removable panels to its side. It’s great hidden storage you can use to keep cleaning supplies out of sight.
  • Built-ins are the perfect way to make a small living work. Between-studs shelving can easily fit in any area of your home and suit for storing anything from jewelry to spices or toiletries.
  • A vertical slide-out cabinet can put any narrow, vertical space to good use. By tucking it into the gap between your kitchen wall and the fridge, you can create more storage space in your home for pantry items like spices, canned food, etc.
  • Turn the dead space behind your sofa or bed into stylish and practical headboard storage to keep your phone chargers, night-time care products, or glasses conveniently within reach.

Go for the Full Monty

Rely on double-duty furniture

True, decluttering is a great way to avoid feeling claustrophobic in your own home. However, another way to achieve the same effect is to hide everything. Buying double-duty furniture is ideal if you want to store well (and in style!) but avoid any shelving additions or heaps of plastic bins overflowing your interior.

These days, there are tons of options for furniture pieces that perform double duty. Ottomans, for instance, are already multi-purpose: you can prop up your feet, rest a tray with a tea set, and use it as portable seating. But once you lift off the top, you also find wide disguised storage underneath, perfect for tucking away anything from crafts to toys and magazines.

Take advantage of a storage facility

There’s a variety of reasons why people opt for storage facilities. For starters, in case you’ve got a lot more than a few items that you need to store, storage facilities might be your best bet. Secondly, renting a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe and sound is a perfect solution if you are in between moves or trying to free up more space in the shed, garage, basement, attic, etc. Another situation in which these facilities come in handy is during house remodeling because they keep your paths clear and your stuff undamaged. Also, if you decide to use storage during such projects and need to keep your belongings close, portable containers are a great option if you have a yard where they could fit.

The Takeaway

As you can tell, there are a plethora of ways you can create more storage space in your home. Your options range from freeing up space through purging and then adding on a few containers, across the installation of incremental storage and built-ins, to purchasing double-duty furniture or renting a storage facility. Hopefully, at least one of these ideas will help to meet your storage needs.


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