Why Would You Call A Plumber To Fix Your Drainage Issue?


You can face some problems in your home like overflowing bathroom, sink and toilet, and you can use your liquid drain cleaners to clean your toilet or sink. But, do you know that these drain cleaners are harmful for your drains. You can turn your drain cleaner and you will find a warning stated that if your skin gets affected by this cleaner then you must contact your local poison control centre.

So if you want to use such cleaners to remove some clogs from your drain then always choose some natural cleaners. There are some drain cleaners available which are made from natural enzymes and they can break such organic material built up inside your pipes. They can also prevent the foul smell and clean the oil and grease from your drains. Apart from that, you can use hot water mixed with vinegar or baking soda to clean your drains. You can even use a plunger to clean such clogs from your drains. If you are not able to clean your drains then you must call a plumber to locate the exact issue and clean your drains. There are some plumbers available who can clean such clogs within an hour, if it is not a major one related to your underneath drainage system.

How Would You Clean Your Drains?


If you clean your drains every week then you can avoid such issue. For example, you can pour some hot water in your drain and remove the grease from its walls. You can mix some baking soda and vinegar with hot water to prevent foul smell. You can pour this solution inside your drains and leave it overnight. You can clean your drains with water in the next morning. It will keep your drains clean and you do not need to spend a huge amount on their replacement. But, if your drains are clogged by some solid substances then you cannot remove them by hot water and you need to search for such plumbers online for an immediate help.

  • You can use an auger or drain snake to clean your drain and you can use a plumber’s snake to pull out the deposited garbage from your drains. But, dealing with such waste can be a daunting task and you need to wear a mask and gloves while you clean your drains. You can suffer from breathing issue and other health problems. To prevent such problems, you can simply hire professional plumbers to clean your drains.
  • If you have some small clogs then you can use a cup plunger. It is used to clean an overflowing sink and you can remove the stopper from your sink and use this plunger to remove the clog. It is suggested to avoid creating pressure inward because it can damage the drain and its parts. Your drain pipes can get affected and leaked, and you will need to replace them same.
  • To avoid such clogs, you should use a dustbin in your toilet and kitchen. You should not flush any solid substances like, eggshells, bones, pasta, rice, hair, coffee grounds and sanitary products in your toilet. You can throw such waste in a bin and dispose them off.


You can maintain such precautionary measures to avoid drainage problems. Still, if you face such issue then you can call a plumber. You can search for professional plumbers online and check their license and insurance to choose the best one. Make sure, you choose a plumber who has a master license and can provide the services that you need.