7 Living Room Storage Ideas For A Tidier Space


If you are tired of feeling cramped in your living room, these storage ideas will help you reclaim some space.

Are you tired of feeling cramped in your living room? Do you feel as though you should have more space in there to enjoy? If you relate to these feelings then you’ll want to check out these living room storage ideas.

7 Living Room Storage Ideas:

1. Built-in Shelving

Built-in shelving in a living room looks beautiful and adds some much-needed storage space at low-cost. Try adding baskets and tubs to house bric-a-brac that looks aesthetically displeasing. In the rest of the space, add some trailing plants to add interest, and don’t be afraid to leave some space free to avoid the shelves looking cluttered.

2. Use Clever Furniture

All the furniture you have should provide you with some additional use if possible. For example; your footstool should have space inside to store items. You should have various storage nooks under your TV table. Could your dining table have fold in leaves and seat storage? Think carefully about every item in your living room and whether it could be switched for something more useful.

Living Room Storage

3. Self Storage

Sure, a cheap self storage unit isn’t going to be in your home, but it does offer you more storage for your living room. Maybe stock from your startup is piled in the corner, or you have sentimental items that you want to enjoy, but perhaps not in your living area. Cheap self storage can give you a secure, dry place to keep items you don’t want to get rid of, but you don’t have space to store in your living room.

4. Stay Neat & Tidy

Sometimes we can be fooled into thinking that the living room hasn’t got enough space, when actually things are just a bit messy. If everything has a place, then you may find you don’t lack as much storage as you thought.

5. Use Cute Baskets

Cute weaved baskets can hold all kinds of handy items, from cat toys, to blankets, to extra pillows and throws. They do this, all whilst adding to the decor and helping to keep the place looking great.

Living Room Storage

6. Choose A Pet Create Table

If you have a pet crate in your living room you might want to consider using one that doubles up as a table. There are lots of useful options that give your pet comfort and ventilation whilst also adding to your decor at the same time. Pet crates are not small so this is a really good option when it comes to doubling up the use of a large piece of furniture.

7. Use The Whole Space

Don’t be afraid of floating shelves and even hanging storage. They can look wonderful and don’t detract from that all important floor space.

The tips above are designed to give you some inspiration for your living room storage. More often than not we have plenty of space, we just need to switch things up a bit to truly make the most of it.