A Step-By-Step Guide Of Installing A Remote Control Gate


There are several security measures to keep one’s property safe; automatic gate opener is one of them. Automatic gate openers are the new age technology that provides you with security without much hassle. You can find them usually on private properties such as homes, apartments and places of employment. Installing a Remote Control Gate is very easy to get as well.

How To Install A Remote Control Gate?

It only takes two to three hours to install an automatic gate. However, you have various requirements that you need to fulfill to get it working. Here are the various steps for Installing a Remote Control Gate.

Preparing For The Installation

Check whether the gate functions properly or not. This is necessary cause the opener can only work if the gate is functional. However, your gate needs to meet the requirements to make it automatic. Here are they-

  • You cannot have wheels on your gate.
  • Make sure the gate is level and able to swing freely.
  • Make sure there is no damaged parts on your gate. If any, you need to repair them.

Installing a Remote Control Gate can have more requirements but these are the necessary and basic steps that you have to consider.

Deciding The Position Of The Gate

Installing a Remote Control Gate is not hard and you can place it anywhere on your property. You have to remember that you should not install the control panel on the outside of your property, unless you want it to be accessible to the public. You need to make sure that the position of the opener is in the middle of the gate. It is important to do so. Because else, the gate might twist when you activate the opener.

Installing The Post Bracket Assembly

The post bracket assembly helps you to set clearance between the gate and the opener. You can assemble the post bracket to the rear mount of the gate opener. Make sure your gate and the assembly are on the same level, you can do this by retracting your gate and adjusting your gate.

Mounting The Opener Arm

When Installing a Remote Control Gate, mount the opener arm and ensure that it is level. Connecting the opener arm to the gate’s post bracket assembly should help you easily mount the opener arm. This will enable you to automatically open your gate.

Connecting The Electronics

To connect all the electronics, you have to properly attach the power cable, the transformer and the batteries. Although it requires some skill and the know-how of what you are doing, it is fairly easy. These are the steps-

  • Connect the battery wires by running them through the control box strain relief slot. Furthermore, you need to attach the red and black wires to their respective terminal.
  • Insert the power cable through the strain relief slots. Connecting the power cable to their correct blocks is necessary. Don’t worry as they are colour coded for easy installation.
  • You can connect a solar panel or a transformer for the power. You can also charge your battery this way.
  • Connect the wires to the battery terminal. Remember to connect the wires to the right terminals.

Thus, Installing a Remote Control Gate will be very easy once you follow all these steps.


Once you are done installing the gate you can add some finishing touches to it. You can add a control panel where you want to access the gate from. Hence, as a result, you will have a fully functioning gate. Make your house more secure and keep your gate handy, and stylish, install these by following these steps.