What To Do When You Have A Home Heating Emergency???


There’s nothing worse than losing your home heating in the middle of winter. But if you’re prepared, and know what to do, you might avoid going through a stressful situation.

Below are some helpful tips when dealing with a home heating emergency:

Turn off your heating system

During an emergency breakdown, you may want to turn off your furnace. This is to prevent additional damage from occurring while you wait for a repair. Refusing to switch off your heating system can be a very dangerous decision. It can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and potential fires.

Use an alternative heat source

No home should be without a reliable backup heat source as part of its emergency preparedness plan. Try an electric space heater, which can warm up smaller spaces quickly and safely. Many are equipped with safety features like tip-over protection and automatic shut-off, so you can let one run quietly in the background without worrying about overheating or starting a fire.

Call for an emergency heating repair

If your system has gone down, it is important that you call a professional company to help with repairs. Waiting too long can not only cost you more money and make your home less comfortable but can also damage your heater beyond repair.

Take advantage of 24/7 heating services

In the winter months, an unexpected furnace malfunction can leave you feeling like you’re in the tundra. This is one of the most important household appliances to have in your home, and when it fails to work properly, you may need to make a call to your trusted heating repairman soon.

Take advantage of the 24/7 emergency services your local heating company offers. Do not wait for the next day before scheduling a repair service. Make haste and call the pros right away!