Availing Top Optometrist Service by The Best Optometrists Only


Optometrists are the self-reliant superior healthcare specialists who are legally licensed to diagnose, detect and provide treatment for the disorders and diseases related to the eyes and the entire visual system. The top optometrist service is offered by qualified and experienced optometrists only. The optometrists were previously referred to as ophthalmic opticians. But now, optometrists work in different clinics, hospitals and other places in the ophthalmic industry to carry out research projects and treat patients. They are also found in teaching institutions to impart education about optometry. They majorly contribute their services to the public health centres, hospitals and clinical practice.

Top Optometrist Service in Clinical Practice

The optometrists clinically aim in providing solutions to patients with eye disorders. Firstly, the patients are usually subjected to general eye examinations, in which the optometrists check the patients’ medical history regarding eye problems. Following the same, the eyes are checked for any refractive errors, and then a visual acuity test is conducted with the aim to evaluate the eyesight. If required, contact lenses or spectacles of the right refractive status suitable for the eyes are prescribed in order to attain the proper vision.

Also, They Conduct the Following Functions:

Detecting and Observing the Eye Diseases

They use a ophthalmoscope to detect any eye diseases in the patient, like macular degeneration, glaucoma and several other diseases which are associated with the functioning of the eyes. Even after treating the disorders for a certain time, if the irregularities still persist, then the concerned patients are subjected to certain special tests. For example, the estimation of eye pressure is conducted in patients who suffer from glaucoma. 

Prescribing Suitable Drugs For The Diseases

For the proper management of ocular disorders and also for the treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases, the top optometrist service is offered by the optometrists and they usually prescribe the topical form of different pharmaceutical drugs, like antihistamines, antibiotics, certain scheduled analgesics and non-steroidal inflammatory drugs. 

Independent Prescribing

The optometrists after receiving their certification are authorized to prescribe all the licensed drugs apart for parenteral (injectable).  This nature of practice is followed by all optometrists in Australia. 

Contact Lens Prescription

Optometrists are the expert professionals who handle the contact lenses for correcting the abnormal shape of the cornea. They also prescribe the special contact lenses like varifocal and toric lenses for the patients, if needed.

Top Optometrist Service in Hospitals

The various duties of optometrists inside a hospital are vast. They can perform several functions which are identical to those done in the clinics. They provide outpatient care to the patients in eye hospitals. Some of their major duties in the hospitals are as follows:

Providing Primary Eye Care for The Outpatients

An optometrist tests the vision of the patients for sharpness and prescribes corrective lenses. They have expertise in handling the equipment in order to examine the patients’ eyes.

Correcting Low Vision

Optometrists routinely deal with several patients who have irreversible eyesight, and they provide low vision care medication in order to enhance their recovery. They also educate the patients about the effective visual exercises which are to be done regularly in order to improve their vision. 

Providing Binocular Vision Care

The optometrists personalize the vision therapy for those patients who are suffering from certain binocular abnormalities. These abnormalities are more common in sportspersons and students. 

Counselling and Reviewing of The Patients

The optometrists provide the right counseling to the cataract patients during the pre and post-surgical phases, and also guide them on the appropriate usage of contact lenses.


The role of optometrists in eye-care is immense and they provide the top optometrist service in several renowned clinics and hospitals across Australia.