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No city in America has as eclectic, idiosyncratic, and downright delicious food a culinary heritage as New Orleans, Louisiana. The local dishes are as diverse and colorful as the people who call this place home. It can be hard for tourists to know where to start. Here, then, are some of the absolute best, can’t-miss, must-try, no-if-and-or-buts-about-it, essential NOLA food...
Goat Meat Shops
Goat meat is known as Chevon. Usually, it is very hard to cook. Mutton is consumed by 63% of the world’s population. Goat meat contains 6% of the red meat devoured globally. It has low calories and sodium than pork, chicken lamb, and beef. Goat meat is higher in potassium than pork, chicken lamb, and beef. It is similar...

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