Top 10 Best Goat Meat Shops in Surrey BC


Goat meat is known as Chevon. Usually, it is very hard to cook. Mutton is consumed by 63% of the world’s population. Goat meat contains 6% of the red meat devoured globally. It has low calories and sodium than pork, chicken lamb, and beef. Goat meat is higher in potassium than pork, chicken lamb, and beef. It is similar to sheep but goat meat has a richer and sweeter taste. The meat of a goat has a higher level of iron. Mutton is usually cooked at low temperatures and takes a lot of time to cook. So, don’t have a bad meal and order now from restaurants.

Have a look at the top 10 best restaurants in surrey

1. Dhesi meat shop:

They offer quality meat services. They aim at providing 100% satisfaction to their consumers. They value your time and money. Hygiene and cleanliness are the top priorities of They provide the best meat products. It is one of the best Indian restaurants in Surrey, BC. They offer fresh and healthy meat products. They cook so well to preserve the nutrients, texture, taste, and juiciness. You will never regret your decision after having flavors from this meat shop.

2. Fraserview Meats:

For the past 30 years, Fraserview meat has been in the trade of supply of fresh clean meat to retailers and wholesalers. They had started their journey from England and after a fruitful year, they came to Vancouver, Canada to serve there. In 2000, opened in Brampton, Ontario, and afterward, in 2003, they move to Surrey. For the crowd who need everything prepared, they serve with some marinated standard and spicy meals. They keep a high degree of control in hygiene. Their employees maintain a friendly and clean store to serve their customers.

3. Captain Meat & Poultry:

Captain Meat & poultry works with two priorities that are cleanliness and hygiene. They have experience of 10 years and prepare food with special recipes. They promise to provide you quality and fresh products. They provide a variety of products and services like marinated products, Frozen, Fresh salads, chicken wings, boneless chicken, seafood, and goat & lamb meat. In the category of goat and lamb, they provide goat legs, whole goat stew, ground goat, lamb leg, lamb stew, ground lamb, and lamb steak

4. Clancy’s meat co.:

Clancy’s meat co. was set up in 1997 as a small meat shop that swiftly assembled a stand for fresh, premium meat items and quality service. They are committed to their customers to provide high-quality products. Since needs are changing and people are becoming very health conscious. Those people can enjoy well-balanced meals without wasting hours in the kitchen. Clancy’s meat guarantees customers products of the highest quality. They offer consumers a full money-back guarantee if any problem arises and will work actively to address the issue. It is one of the best Indian restaurants in South Surrey.

5. Cioffi’s:

Cioffi’s store started as an Italian meat market and deli. They offer the local and cold cuts, freshest cheese, organic meats, and butchered to order. Cioffi does wholesale provides many of the restaurants with some delicious and fresh ingredients. In addition, they serve homemade hot and cold Italian food to the employed family by using their best products and services.

6. Jasmine Halal meats & Mediterranean produce:

Jasmine Halal meats & Mediterranean produce was established in 1994 to serve quality halal meat in surrey. You might not regret your decision once you purchased from them. There has an amazing selection of tahini, zaatar, and halve from Lebanon.

7. Garcha Bros Meat Shop & Poultry:

Garcha bros meat shop & poultry was founded in 1990, with the vision to provide the freshest meat products. It is one of the best Indian restaurants in surrey. Gracia bros provide you amazing menu like chicken. Fish, lamb, goat meat, etc.

8. Chef’s kebab:

Chef’s kebab was set up in 2011. They are serving authentic Indian curries and exotic fresh kebabs. It is an Indian restaurant in Surrey, BC. They are having expert chefs from India and having five-star hotel experiences. They provide a variety of exotic fresh kebabs and north Indian food with a peaceful ambiance. They provide home delivery and catering services too.

9. Gulberg tandoor:

Gulberg tandoor started its journey in 2005 with a simple menu. They offer halal meat and offer a variety of Pakistani/ Indian food. They offer curries, biryanis, burgers, wraps, pizza, fried chicken, beverages, and many more. They provide the best halal meat in surrey.

10. My Shanti:

They offer takeout and dine-in services from Tuesday to Sunday. My Shanti is home to the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine. The bold flavors and cooking style will arouse your senses. They took all corrective measures to provide hygiene and clean food to their guests.