DIY Tips for Paint the Tall Home Exterior


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Scrape peeling paint from the exterior of the home with the paint scraper. If you are painting just the cut and ligament boards, use the 24-foot or even 32-foot expansion ladder in order to scrape the greatest areas of the home first as well as work the right path down.

If you are painting siding, cut and ligament, set upward two expansion ladders along with a plank. Hook 1 ladder jack port onto the actual rungs associated with both ladders at the same height. Rest the ladder plank along with the jacks. The cedar allows simple walk able use of a large portion of siding.

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Sand the outside trim or even siding along with 50-grit or even 80-grit sandpaper. Re position the actual ladders at the very top and work the right path down towards the bottom. Make use of an orbital electrical or battery-powered hands sander with regard to easier sanding. If you are working away a step ladder plank, sand the actual siding so far as you may reach prior to moving the actual ladder plank right down to a reduce level.

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Protect the floor beneath the home exterior. Spread canvas decrease cloths within the grass, cement and shrubbery. If you aren’t painting the actual shutters, tape a bit of painters plastic outrageous to safeguard from fresh paint sprinkles. Include the home windows with plastic material. If you are painting above another lower-level roofing, spread decrease cloths within the shingles.

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Pour 1 gallon associated with primer right into a clean, bare 5-gallon pail. Clip the bucket connect onto the actual handle from the bucket. Mix the primer completely. Hook the 9-inch fresh paint roller as well as 3-inch fresh paint brush onto along side it of the actual bucket. Drill the screw to the side from the paint brush to help you easily suspend it quietly of the actual bucket whilst working.

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Re position your own extension ladders, or even ladder cedar, to the greatest point of the home and start priming just about all surfaces you’ll paint. Hang the actual 5-gallon bucket from the ladder rung while using bucket connect. Prime close to windows, cracks as well as crevices while using 3-inch fresh paint brush. Roll the actual primer within the surface following using the actual paint clean. Prime the outside all the way through.

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Re position the actual ladders once again and apply the very first coat associated with exterior paint while using same methods employed for priming. Permit the first layer of fresh paint to dried out. If required, apply another coat associated with paint.