DIY Tips to Paint The 2nd Floor Home Exterior


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Begin the actual project on the sunny day time with temps of a minimum of 50 levels Fahrenheit. Attempt to choose each day with small wind, which could destabilize the ladder. Schedule your time and effort so the paint may dry for a minimum of three times before rainfall or very cold temperatures tend to be predicted.

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Rent or buy a 28 feet extension step ladder. Look for any ladder which has leveling ft, as the floor is usually uneven. Select a solidly built ladder that may easily support unwanted weight. A stabilizer adds security and safety but isn’t required.

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Extend the actual ladder as well as carefully slim it from the roof. The underside of the actual ladder ought to be roughly 1 quarter from the ladder length from the walls. Set just about all braces as well as locks prior to putting weight about the ladder.

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Consider your fresh paint tray, roller as well as brushes towards the ladder ledge. Make 2 or 3 trips in the event that necessary. Possess a helper maintain and strengthen the ladder as you climb.

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Paint the actual areas that you could comfortably reach in the ladder. Don’t overreach, which can lead you to lose stability.

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Move the actual ladder as required to easily entry all parts of the home. Climb completely down if you want to replenish the fresh paint tray, instead of attempting in order to pour fresh paint while about the ladder.

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Work in the top lower. Paint soffits, fascia along with other trim prior to moving to the walls. Complete the 2nd story on a single side prior to moving right down to the lower portion of that aspect. Try to complete an whole side in one or two days to prevent lap lines brought on by paint treating at various times.