Everything you need to know about US Air Force coins


US Air force coins also known as the airman’s coins are challenge coins that are awarded to the airmen of the US Air Force when they complete their basic military training. These coins are of very crucial significance in the US Air Force because after this US Air force coin is presented to an individual, he no longer remains a ‘trainee’ but actually become an ‘airman’. So, US Air Force coin in a way mark the completion of the first phase of training that is required to become a US Air Force Airman.

What is the significance of US Air Force coin?

US Air Force coin are of crucial importance for the US Air Force because they are used to welcome people that have been recently enlisted in the US Air Force. These coins remind the newest members of the Air Force of the rich legacy and heritage of the Air Force. These coins are of crucial significance in the Air Force because they mark the successful transition of air force personnel from trainee to Airman. These joins are usually awarded by Wing Commander but on some occasions these coins can also be awarded by Commander Chief Master Sergeant and even the Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force. Sometimes, a trainee might get this coin from his very own Military Training Instructor. These coins are of crucial significance for all Airmen because they are the first challenge coins awarded to Airmen are they are the first coin in the Airman’s future challenge coin collection.

What do US Air Force coins look like?

The original version of such coins featured an eagle clawing its way out of the coin with the words ‘Aerospace Power’ being written underneath. On the other side of the coin, there used to be a white star flanked by a red dot in the center which is known as the Hap Arnold Star. Around these symbols is a text which is meant to be the core values of the air force :- Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do. The current US Air Force Coin has completely replaced the eagle and instead features the new symbol of the US Air Force in dark blue, which is based on the Hap Arnold star on the reverse.

What is the importance of US Air Force coin?

These coins are created by many air force commanders to signify their dedication to their missions. In the Air force, these coins are not only presented to the over achievers but also to leaders and young airmen who happen to show a lot of potential. These coins create an unbreakable bond and are often exchanged by air force personnel of different units. These coins are everywhere in the Air Force. Their presence is omnipresent in nature across different commands, missions and special teams that make up the Air Force. US Air force coin is of various types. Some have traditional symbols are their mainstay while others use cutting-edge design while some others are a combination of both.

These coins are meant to be earned through courage, commitment and excellent displayed by Airmen while serving their unit and country in the field of battle and in other areas. These coins have been a crucial part of the Air Force ever since being created for the first time for a group of US Air Force pilots in World War I.