Expert Tadelakt Plasterer: All You Need to Know About


It is important to know what exactly Tadelakt means. Tadelakt is plaster that has been used by the Moroccan people since the primitive ages. It exhibits excellent water resistivity. Owing to its water resistance, Tadelakt has been traditionally used to make baths, sinks, water vessels, exterior as well as interior walls, roofs, floors and ceilings.

Tadelakt is formed using lime plaster that is rammed, polished, and treated with soap to make it water resistant. Tadelakt is labor intensive on application but provides the best durability when compared to other forms of plaster. Tadelakt, being in the form of a paste, is easy to apply. It can easily form curves and is seamless. Therefore the demand for expert Tadelakt plasterer is still on the higher side.

Advantages Of Hiring Expert Tadelakt Plasterer-

Tadelakt plasters are popular owing to several qualities they possess; qualities that are unmatched by other form of plasters. These are:

  • Water Resistant: Their water resistivity is so strong that they are used to coat bathtubs, a sink, water vessels etc. this feature is so unique that it hardly needs mentioning.
  • Durable: Tadelakt plasters exhibit unmatched durability. This helps bring down the overall cost of maintenance.
  • Easy Application: Tadelakt paste is easy to apply even on tricky areas like ion the curves.
  • No Coloring Required: Traditionally, Tadelakt surfaces were colored red. But, Tadelakt can be imparted any color, using pigments. There is no separate coat of coloring required.
  • Choice of finish: Expert Tadelakt plasterer also offers a choice between shiny finish and matte finish.

Although, the pros of Tadelakt outweigh the cons by far, Tadelakt application is labor intensive and is considered one of its cons. The cost of hiring an expert Tadelakt plasterer and the time required for it to be properly and fully applied are the only two cons that Tadelakt plastering exhibits.

Expert Tadelakt Plasterer
Expert Tadelakt PlastererStep By Step Guide to Preparing Tadelakt-
  • Mixing materials for Tadelakt plaster: The plaster needs to be mixed with water 15 hours before the addition of pigment to impart colors. A few hours’ worth of mixing is required to mix the water, plaster powder and pigments effectively.
  • Preparing the wall for Tadelakt: The wall that is to be applied with Tadelakt, first needs to be cemented. The cementing needs to be preceded with holes while preparation of the wall to ensure effective absorption of water and Tadelakt paste.
  • Smoothening: After the Tadelakt has been applied, several smoothening techniques need to be employed by an expert Tadelakt plasterer to ensure the preservation of the Tadelakt itself. Wooden shovel and stones are used to carry out the smoothening process.

Choosing An Expert Tadelakt Plasterer-

There are certain important considerations that are to be considered to choose an expert Tadelakt plasterer to carry out Tadelakt Plastering. These are:

  • Cost: The first and foremost consideration that is to be considered is the cost. Any rational person would try and employ the cheapest plasterers provided they have decent quality of work. To effectively estimate the cost, tan idea about the prevailing market prices should be obtained for the job. The cost should always be planned before any purchases are made. This will help you stay within the limit of the budget.
  • Quality of work: Quality of work is yet another consideration that needs special attention. The price that one is paying should coincide with the quality of work provided by the employed plasterer.
  • Speed: Although, Tadelakt plastering is labor intensive, the plasterers that offer faster completion of the job, should be employed.
  • Experience: Greater the experience they have in a job, the better it is for the employer. Therefore, it is always safer to choose experienced plasterers that have been doing plaster work for years.

So, those are some of the tips you need to keep in mind at the time of hiring the best expert Tadelakt plasterer. Hiring the best one will provide you with a hassle-free experience. The water resistance that Tadelakt exhibits is unmatched by other forms of plasters.