5 Signs That Dictates- When You Need A New Mazda Transmission!


Mazda cars are one of the most trustworthy cars with a long-lasting life span.  If you provide them with the right maintenance, they can serve you for many years.  But like any machinery after years of use, they eventually need repairs.   It’s easy to see why; automatic transmission systems take much worry out of your daily drive, but there comes a time where your transmission could start to wear. Here are the warning signs that will indicate if your Mazda transmission is going bad, and what you can do to remedy the situation at the earliest!

When does a need arise for A New Mazda transmission Or A Rebuild?

Your warning light comes on:

This is the simplest and most obvious way to find out the problem in your transmission system. Still, many people ignore it in the hope it goes away when they light up but it is just asking for more trouble.  If you see your warning light on, always get a trained technician to resolve the issue.

Mazda Transmission

Listen to your transmission:

Although they may be subtle sounds when a Mazda transmission is ailing; you’ll notice the symptoms if you pay attention. Listen for any grinding or rumbling sounds as the gears are changed or look out if there is any a high whistling sound coming out from an engine compartment. Such sounds should never be ignored as they can later cause you much bigger damage.

Hard shifting or slipping:

With a manual transmission, you may start to see that it becomes more difficult to change gears, or that the shifter pops out of gear. With an automatic transmission, you might encounter a slipping of gears while you’re driving, when you’re suddenly not in gear for a few seconds, or a loud trunk when you put it in the drive. These signs might mean a low fluid level or another drive train problem, but they need to be addressed immediately because they can later affect the transmission of the car adversely.

Fluid leakage checkup:

If the fluid is oozing out of the car at any time, it’s not at all a good symptom. Pay attention to any puddles or stains beneath your car and try to ascertain where it’s coming from. Often it can be hard to ascertain where a leak is coming from because the fluid can travel across parts and the frame. It is quite possible that fluid is not leaking from the place it is dropping out, but it is coming from someplace else. If you find the leak, place a pan beneath the leak overnight and take the car to your mechanic along with the fluid to have it examined. Only an expert technician can figure out the right point of leakage and then correct it later.

Mazda Transmission

Check your transmission fluid:

You should be checking your transmission fluid on a fairly regular basis to ensure that it is on the correct level. When you check the fluid, take into notice if there is any burnt smell or if the fluid appears cloudy or brown. These are the signs that indicate problems in the transmission system. The healthy fluid will be a transparent bright red and have a syrupy thickness.

All of these indicators are signs that something is wrong with your Mazda transmission. If you will take care of your Mazda transmission and get it repaired or replaced when needed the performance of your car will also be at par and it will give you dependable services.