How To Choose The Right Drug & Alcohol Test Kit?


Consumption of alcohol and drugs on a regular basis can lead the person towards vicious and extremely harmful diseases. Identifying its symptoms at the initial stage can save someone’s life. And to do that, various kinds of drug & alcohol kits are available in the market. However, choosing the wrong one can result in negative ways as well. To avoid such circumstances, here are some inputs that will help you in choosing the best one with the best quality.

What are Drugs and Alcohols?

Drugs are chemical substances that can cause mental, physical, and psychological changes for some time in any organism after consumption. Various types of drugs exist in the market for addiction as well as for prevention. Consumption of drugs to a large extent can lead to adverse mental health, premature death, nausea, abdominal pain, etc.

On the other hand, alcohol is the ingredient found in many drinks, medicines, skincare products. It mainly consists of ethanol or ethyl as chemical constituents. Alcohol is termed as a “sedative hypotonic” drug which indicates that it can lead the central nervous system to depression if used in high doses.

Now you can guess how alcohol and drugs can harm anyone adversely. But for its prevention and testing, there are different kinds of tools available in the market, and choosing the right drug & alcohol testing kit is a very important step. Here are a few tips and strategies one should follow while choosing the right kit. However, before we proceed, we need to know what exactly the drug and alcohol test kit is? 

What is Drug & Alcohol testing Kit?

This kit has been developed for the purpose of detecting illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs in any individual’s body. It can be done by doing numerous tests such as blood tests, saliva tests, breath tests, and urine tests. This kit can be used for numerous reasons such as testing the presence of any narcotic substances or whether the person is high or not. 

How to choose the right Drug & Alcohol Testing Kit?

After knowing the purpose of the Drug and Alcohol testing kit, choosing the right one is also a major step. So here are some conditions that will help you in this while buying this kit:-

Check for accuracy

Accuracy for the kit leads to a better result. The kit should be able to indicate whether the result is above or below the kit’s cut-off level configuration. Modern kits are very customized to their specific level of cut-off.

Should be able to detect all the narcotic substances

The Drug & Alcohol Kit must be capable of detecting all the chemical substances categorized under the Australian Standard 4308. It provides guidelines as well as some policies for the testing.

Should be able to analyze the concentration of BAC

Since this testing also includes blood testing, your kit should have the potential of detecting the concentration of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). You may be arrested if your BAC level is above the legal limit of 0.08% while driving.

 Easy to use by the user

Much more complexity is not good with testing kits. Doing lots of processes for testing can frustrate your mind which can trigger any error while providing the requirements to the kit by the user.

Less error percentage

A kit with accuracy and less chance of error should be preferred more because even a slight error in result can enhance the chance of further treatment of a person.

We hope this article was helpful for you and drifted off all your concerns about how to choose the right drug & alcohol kit. This can be a very sensitive and critical decision because this may lead to another stage which is treatment depending on the individual’s level of addiction situation. And you know very well how the right treatment at right time can result in good and positive ways.