How to Take Care of Your Lawn This Fall?


Fall is an ideal time to prepare your lawn for the rigors of cold temperatures and wintry weather. Thankfully, whether you have a large property or a small rectangle of grass, the following tips can help make your fall lawn care endeavors easier and more efficient.

Water only when needed

When the leaves fall and the ground begins to harden, it’s time to water less frequently, but make sure you do it right. Just slow down the watering process. When you water less in the fall, it will encourage deeper root growth in your grass. This will give your grass the chance to develop its roots before winter strikes.

Continue mowing your lawn

Fall is a great time of year for mowing your lawn. The generally cool weather makes mowing easier, and the grass is less likely to grow as quickly as during spring and summer.

Apply fertilizer

For lawns that struggle to stay green and thick through the hot and busy summer months, it would be ideal to apply fertilizer in fall. It works best with warm and moist soil before it freezes for winter.

Eliminate the weeds

It’s important to eliminate the weeds in your yard as soon as you see them, and fall is the best time for this. As the weather begins to cool, weeds go into hibernation and will be easier to remove than at any other time of year.

Schedule a professional sprinkler system maintenance

Whether you have a sprinkler system in place or are considering installing one, make sure to have them serviced and maintained before the winter season. Winterizing your sprinkler system in the fall can go a long way in ensuring a smooth start to the new season, saving you from costly repair bills. Choose a trustworthy Osage Beach plumber to serve you today!