Holiday Lighting Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


The holiday season is a special time of the year. However, decorative lighting can be dangerous. Here we discuss safety precautions that you should take to enjoy your holiday lights and minimize the risks and dangers related to the season and holiday decorations.

Choose the right fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting

It is very tempting to mix and match indoor and outdoor holiday light strings, but you should resist doing so. Using both indoor and outdoor-rated lights on the same tree can be dangerous as it can easily overload your electrical circuit. Holiday light sets come in various voltages. Do not mix up or combine indoor and outdoor holiday lights or you could risk shock or electrical fire.

Turn off when not in use

Holiday lights bring cheer to every season. But when the sun goes down, so too must your decorative lights. It’s a good idea to turn off holiday lights when you leave home or go to bed. Christmas lights can create quite a fire hazard for many reasons.

Install LED lights

LED holiday lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient, cool to the touch, and have no glass globe to break. They are tough enough for outdoor use in all weather conditions with the added benefit of being able to connect multiple strands safely. Plus LEDs look prettier too!

Hire a professional San Diego electrician to install your holiday lights

Holiday decorations are a tradition that many people cherish. Everyone wants to be the person who puts up tons of Christmas lights or has string after string of beautiful icicle lights, but let’s face it–you have better things to do with your time. Hiring a professional to install your holiday lights is a quick and easy way to transform your San Diego home. The professional you hire will know how to hang each set of lights just right, making your home look prettier and safer. Do not hesitate to consult the pros today!