How Would You Apply for A School Bus Service?


The school-going students can avail of the school bus service under the school transport assistance scheme offered by the government. But there are certain rules and regulations that you need to meet to be eligible for such services. For example, primary school students can apply for a school bus service to reach the nearest public school and they must live more than 3.2 km from the school to avail of this transport assistance. Apart from that, non-state students can also avail school bus services if they live a long distance from their school.

Make sure, you must check if there is any transport service available in your area or not because you can only avail school transport assistance if such services are available in your area only. You can apply online for school bus services, and you will get the main page where there will be instructions to follow. After you have completed the application process, the state authority will evaluate your application and it can take several weeks. For more details, you can contact your nearest transport office.

Apart from that, you must read the terms and conditions before you apply for a school bus service, and you must check the different types of assistance available for the students to choose the best alternative. If you do not have internet in your home then you can apply online for a school bus service from your school library.

School Bus Service
School Bus Service

Terms And Conditions for School Bus Services:

You can apply for the school bus service for the current year and you need to reapply for the next year to renew your service. Online application mostly starts in October of every year and you can check the website of the school transport assistance to check the deadlines.

  • If a student wants to change his or her school then a new application for school bus service should be filed. Apart from that, you need to make the changes in your application if you want to change your travel frequency. For example, a student can change the travel pattern when he or she moves from primary section to secondary school.
  • You will get a temporary approval from the operator and you can use this approval to reach your school via bus or ferry. You will get the final approval from the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • If your application is not granted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, then you have to submit your application signed by your school travel operator.
  • Code of conduct should be maintained by the students and your application or travel assistance can withdraw by the Department of Transport and Main Roads due to violation of the code of conduct.

Types Of School Transition Services That You Can Avail:

Under the scheme of school travel assistance, you can transport via bus, ferry, private transport, and rail. Students with disability can take special assistance during their travel from the school transport operator.

Pre-prep and kindergarten students are not eligible for school bus services. Apart from that, mature, overseas and TAFE students also cannot apply for school transport assistance. Only the students studying in regular mode can apply for transport assistance and distance education students cannot apply for the same.

How To Apply For School Bus Services?

You must read the terms and conditions before you apply for school bus services. If you want to apply for safety-net assistance then you must submit documents like Centrelink Pension or Healthcare or Department of Veterans Affairs concession card. Apart from that, you need to submit your bank account details to avail a private transport service.

For more details, you can search such school bus services online and check the regulations implemented by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.