Hydro Jet Technique: Should You Hire A Roof Cleaning Expert?


Rooftop sections of inclined roofs will need cleaning over time. You will need to hire high pressure roof cleaning expert for this although the job does not look too difficult at the beginning. Sometimes people think that rooftop cleaning is not that difficult but certainly there are lots of challenges about the safety and efficient cleaning of the house rooftops. DIY is going to save you a couple of dollars but then you might not even have the access to highly specialized tools and chemicals needed to clean the roof and tiles. This might seem a good idea but is entirely causing more damage.

Roof Washing And Cleaning Is Not A DIY Job

  • Roof washing especially the ones with tiles and shingles on them has lots of risks and challenges. It is better to hand over the job to a commercial high pressure roof cleaning expert as they will ensure thorough cleaning of the rooftop.
  • With specialized tools, the equipment they have the experience and skill to work in a challenging environment and provide you with a cleaned rooftop surface.
  • Rooftop cleaning will need access to ladders, equipped anti-slippery shoes, and protective gear such as helmets along with some special tools such as a high power hydro jet washer that can clean the top surface of the tiles and shingles thoroughly.

Handing Over The Job To Experienced People Will Mean Effective Cleaning Using More Sophisticated Hydro Jet Machines

the reason why you should hand over the job to a high pressure roof cleaning expert is that that they have these tested hydro jet machines that will cause dust, dirt, mud, and other unwanted substances such as fallen twigs, branches and leaves to be thrown away due to the immense water pressure force emitted from the hydro jet nozzle. These would also clean the edges and the deeper cravings and corners clearly where your household equipment such as a brush won’t reach.

Avoiding Using Hydro Jets For Cleaning Older Roofs

A high pressure roof cleaning expert who has decades of experience in cleaning various roofs will find out whether the use of a high pressure hydro jet washing technique can be used on top of the old tiles and shingles of rooftops. If need by then they would resort to different cleaning mechanisms such that it does not damage the roof of the house.

You see, old tiles and shingles are not ideal for cleaning using a high pressure water hydro jet cleaning machine as the immense water pressure will cause granules of the shingles to get washed away along with supporting clips and this might weaken the entire roof structure.

Moss and algae removal: pre-treatment chemicals

You might not know but using a hydro jet is sometimes ineffective while cleaning moss and algae that set on top of the tiles and shingles on roofs over the years due to damp formation. If you hire a professional high pressure roof cleaning expert then you might get rewarded over time. For this, you need access to some chemicals which is certified rooftop cleaning companies have access to. They would pour this chemical mixture on top of the roof or on sections of algae and moss formation to loosen out before using the hydro jet treatment.

Of course, as you don’t have any prior experience you might slip or trip off the tiles and shingles resulting in a fall and catastrophic consequences. More so, over the years algae and moss will settle down on top of the shingles and tiles resulting in a highly slippery surface one that you cannot put your foot on. This is where the role of a high pressure roof cleaning expert comes in. Generally, you can easily ensure that your roof remains dirt-free and free from moss and algae growth at least for the next couple of years.