Proper Maintenance Can Take Your Car Miles Ahead


Car tuning is a maintenance procedure that is executed on a car at fixed and regular intervals or after a car has travelled for a certain distance. This interval is decided and mentioned by the manufacturer of the car. Car tuning cannot be muddled with engine tuning. Car tuning is simply getting your checked for irregularities whereas, engine tuning means adapting an engine for better performances compared to what was originally specified. It is just simply not maintenance of the engine. This Mercedes Benz service type should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the longevity of the engine.

When Should You Take Your Car for Maintenance Job

Other than the intervals specified by the manufacturer and the number of miles travelled by car, there are certain other conditions and times when you need to take your car maintenance jobs. It is like you would have the type of service like Mercedes Benz services. They are when:

  • As per the number of trips that the car has made
  • Extreme hot or cold climatic conditions affect your car, so maintenance is required
  • Type of road traversed like mountains, dusty or de-iced roads
  • Frequent stoppages and movement compared to long-distance travelling
  • Whether it has towed some heavy vehicle or not

Importance of Car Maintenance

When you spend such a good amount of time commuting to the office or getting your chores done, then it is a must for your car to have a Mercedes Benz service type done. Or else it is not going to take care of you in the long run. There are reasons why you should get services done. They are:

  • Increases your safety on the road and does away with a malfunctioning car mid-way
  • Keeps a car’s performance high
  • Saves you a lot of costs when the issue is minor as against major issues that can eat away your finances
  • Fuel cost is minimized as the efficiency of the car gets maximized
  • A car gone wrong on the road also eats your time and makes you unpunctual
  • Ups your resale value 

Types of Car Service

There are three different types of services for a car. They are:

  • Interim or entry-level or basic service
  • Full or intermediate service. It implies a wide range of service
  • Major or master service. It is of the scale of a Mercedes Benz service

All these services have a certain time slot. If you fail one then it leads to the other. So it is always best to get it checked at its preliminary stage. It is your car and you know best when to take it to the mechanic who can give you a royal treatment for your car with a Mercedes Benz service.

Where to Take Your Car for a Good and Thorough Service

Your car needs to be taken to a good garage or workshop when it is down just as you go to a hospital when you are down. But mind you be careful where you take it. The garage should be an authorized one or one with skilled mechanics, or worse could happen for your car. You could be taken for a ride also. So if you want Mercedes Benz services for your car go to reputed workshops.


If your car goes to the proper workshop you need not look out for the services that are rendered to you. But if it is one of those small places it is better you stay close by to watch out for things like fluid level top up, replacement of filters, checking of spark plugs, radiator and windscreen wipers. With these in check, then you are all set for a fully recharged car once again.