How Extended Warranty Is Beneficial – The Pros And Cons


When you buy a car it is always beneficial to have extended warranties. This decision isbasedon  two main factors: how long you plan to keep your vehicle and the amount you’re willing to pay for fixes.

Today, customers are saving their vehicles for longer time and with the fact that new vehicles loaded with complex hardware and technology, an extended warranty will be a good deal. The most generous warranties provided by the vehicle organizations are expired after 10 years or 100,000 miles of driving, while numerous keep going for only 3 years or 36,000 miles.  But having an extended period of warranty provide you a lot of benefits on timely repairs.

So, we are going to discuss pros and cons of extended car warranties:

The Pros:

Extended warranties tailored ro fit specific needs of consumers

Since original guarantees furnished via car makers differ with respect to mileage and time limits, car companies that give extended warrantyalso offer a varierty of items and services. For example, if a car is outfitted with a lengthy powertrain warranty but short bumper-to-bumper warranty, the outsider supplier or third party warranty provide can expand only short warranty coverrage. Another benefit is 24-hour emergency aides for new vehicles that don’t have that warranty from the car maker.

Costly repairs are covered by the extended warranties

These days with the advent of new techology, vehicles are more complex than before, loaded up with costly hardware, electrical wiring, and electronic gear. At the point when such frameworks fail, it tends to be costly to analyze, confine, and fix the issue. Given the reason to every new vehicles, like cars, trucks and SUVs with a more mechanical relaible and advancement, this becomes the main motivation to buy an extended warranty.

If you choose for get one, be ensure thatit includes all the technological featuresas well as other vehicle systems. Request the exclusionlist from the warranty provider and look at it thoroughly before preceding a buy.

Paperwork and all payments take care by dealers only

When purchasing anextended warranty, those offered through the supplier and supported by the vehicle producer may be more costly, but in return for their additional cost, the seller deals with all the paper work and the paymentsfor the services delivered. Moreover, these seller gave an OEM-sponsored warrantyand allows the car owner to get the vehicle fixed at any dealer selling a similar brand, anywherein the cuntry, eliminating limitations that are included with other outsider warranty suppliers.

The Cons:

Extended warranties are expensive

At the point when you purchase an extended warranty, you also deal with expenses. Your expense is that your vehicle will more require a larger number of fixes than the expense of the warranty. The warranty supplier is also deal with the same. The warranty supplier’s risk includes that your vehicle won’t need a larger number of fixes than the expense of the warranty. Once you both considering the quantity of service warranty suppliers, no doubt the chances are not in support of yourself. Remember, in any case, that most of the times the cost of an extended warranty can be negotiated.

Extended warranties don’t cover all repairs

Extended warraty contracts are stacked with fine print. It is critical for a customer to peruse this fine print, and to comprehend what the warranty covers, and what the warraty doesn’t cover. A warraty supplier provide that worthy of your business  and will give a potential client something  an exclusion list which will specify the details of those parts, frameworks, and fixes that are not covered by the extended warranty. Make sure to see an exclusion list prior to purchasing any service agreement.

Limited access to approved repair providers

Costumerswho pick an outsider warranty agreement that isn’t supported by the automobile maker may find that they have a short list of centres that can perform covered fixes. If the vehicle breaks while traveling, or if you move to the different area of the country when the warranty is in effect, such limitations can make warranty useless.

You may never use the extended warranty

Getting an extended warranty for a vehicle is somewhat similar to purchasing health care coverage: you may not ever need it, however if something occurs and you have coverage, you could save a lot of cash.


As above said, there are many pros and cons of exntended warranty. So, you need to be more cautious while purchasing one for you. You also need to look for car maintenance tips when your warranty is in effect and when it is not for saving your money.