Different Types of Wheelchairs & Their Benefits


Fatal Accidents can bring anyone to a point where they need help in walking and sometimes with age, people lose the ability to stand firmly and walk. There can be some other diseases and medical conditions, as well that can affect the ability to walk such as old injuries, arthritis, hips problem, diabetes, obesity, and Parkinson’s disease. All these diseases can attack you at any age.

When such a point comes in anyone’s life, their life becomes miserable because they lose their independence. It is hard to accept that you have lost your ability to walk but that does not mean that you have to be dependent on anyone. However, wheelchairs bring a bright side to such a situation, as they provide their mobility and independence back.

Here in this article, you will read about 4 types of wheelchairs and their benefits:

• Manual Wheelchairs-

These chairs are moved by the individuals, either by the one who is sitting on the chair or their attendant. They do not have batteries. The people who are physically more active and want to maintain their activeness prefer manual chairs. This kind of manual chairs come in many varieties. They are lightweight, durable, and easily portable. These manual chairs offer the designs that every environment may need.


1.        They do not need charging.

2.        They are cost effective.

3.        They require low maintenance.

4.        They need little space to move.

5.        They can be configured as per the need of the patient.

6.        They are easy to store because of a foldable feature.

7.        They can be easily transported.


• Transport Wheelchairs:

People who cannot use regular manual or motorized chairs because of their disabilities, they need transport wheelchairs. People with complete paralysis or no limbs can be benefited from these chairs. These chairs are designed to be pushed by someone else. Their designs are completely different from standard chairs.


1.        These are extremely low priced chairs.

2.        People with temporary illness can use it because of their low price.

3.        They are extremely helpful for people who lose complete mobility.

4.        They are lightweight.

5.        They can be used in stairs and slopes both.

6.        They are strong and durable with high strength.

7.        They come in various designs.

•   Power Wheelchairs:

An invention of powered wheelchairs is a boon for handicapped people. They give the high level of a comfort zone to people who have lost the mobility or whose muscular power has reduced to the level to make them immobile. These chairs can be used indoor and outdoor both.


1. They have more options for seating positions.

2. It can be customized with many seating positions.

3. They have the option of electric recline and tilt.

4. They are highly comfortable.

5. They allow a person to travel long distance.

6. These chairs are boon for people who have low muscular powers and lower energy levels.

7. They have a smaller turning radius.

  • Scooters-

Scooters are more preferred options of all the chairs. They are the most advanced and improved version of wheelchairs. These scooters provide additional comfort zone and convenience to physically disabled people. Thus, the demand for such scooters is going up. 


  1. They are easy to use.
  2. Its designs are sophisticated.
  3. They provide genuine speed.
  4. They have fall prevention features and they provide emergency break lock.
  5. No physical exertion is required to run these scooters.
  6. Because they keep the strain away, people recover fast.
  7. Some scooters are all-terrain scooters.

You can select the wheelchair as per the patient’s requirement and it will give them back their mobility, independence, increase confidence level, and make their life much happier.