Simple Steps To Follow For Fiberglass Repairs


Many people own boats and are inclined toward them more than their cars. They tend to pay special attention to their favorite child. The look is an important factor and boat owners always ready to invest money to give their vessel a perfect finish. As a boat owner, you would never like to have a sailboat with holed fiberglass and that is why you should take measure to keep your boast in the perfect condition.

Fiber glass repairs are one of the most common jobs and if you own a boat, you must be aware of it. The fiberglass is a material such that regularly repairing it is very important. Also, it is not a tough task to execute, and you can do it yourself. In this article, we will show you some simple steps to get the job done without any hassle.

Arrange Tools and Materials

Firstly, make sure you have all the tools and materials required for proper execution. All this should be done well before even you start with the project. Remember, the right tools and materials will determine your accomplishment in the job and that is why you have to arrange everything before start working on the project.

Electric drill, disc sander, scissors, sanding block, paintbrush, mixing can and stir stick. If you do not have such tools in your garage, arrange them somehow. Now, come to the materials for fiber glass repairs. Soft cloths, sanding discs, acetone, plastic wrap, light cardboard, masking tape, polyester resin and hardener or polyester resin fiberglass repair kit, fiberglass cloth, roving, extra-fine sandpaper, car wax and rubbing compound.

Make the Boat Ready

Prepare your boat for the project by removing the keel, stakes, rails, or anything that remain under the fiberglass cover. If there is any hole, repair it with the right filler. Before you repair the hole, wash, and grind the area and apply the acrylic patch or a laminate. You can use a fiberglass patch to fill the hole.

Try to clean the hull and sand the boat to make the surface rough but remember too much standing can be a bad move, as it can cause rippling.

Mix Polyester Resin and Hardener

It is time to mix the polyester resin with the hardener in a mid-sized can for fiber glass repairs. Never mix the materials in huge quantity as this can cause waste of the material. Make sure that you can apply the mixture within one and a half hour and make sure the temperature of the place is at least 60-degree Fahrenheit.

Take a small paintbrush and apply the resin to the roving. Brush the resin well so that the roving soaks the layer thoroughly. You can also use a foam roller to spread the mixture thoroughly across the surface during fiber glass repairs.

Install Fiberglass

Now, it is time to install the fiberglass but before you apply it on the surface you must cut the fiberglass cloth. The glass can be cut into pieces according to your need and attach them on the surface using tools like staples, tacks or tape. Once you have attached the fiberglass, get ready to apply the bond coat or you can say like the second coat over the fiberglass cloth on the surface of the hull during fiber glass repairs.

These are some simple steps you can follow for fiber glass repairsHowever, it is better to hire professionals for such a job. They are experienced and know the condition of your boat better. If you are looking for a perfect finish hiring professionals can be a smart move.