How Would You Choose the Best Air Staplers?


Be it for fixing the upholstery fabrics to the furniture or for joining different parts made from wood, steel, or any material, the best tool that is used by most workers is a pneumatic stapler. This is more of a staple gun which needs to be connected to a compressed air supply. Once the air supply is switched on, it drives the stapes through the muzzle of the gun into the material you want to staple. The ease of operation and excellent performance of the gun is what has made it popular in the hardware industry.

6 Things To Consider For Buying The Best Trusted Brands Air Staplers

If you want to reduce your efforts and use such a pneumatic stapler, you need to get it for yourself at the earliest. However, the main problem is that with several trusted brands air staplers, it is indeed a challenge to get the best one.

For this reason, we have discussed here some of the facts you will have to consider while buying an air stapler from a trusted brand.

Air Staplers
Air Staplers

Nail length

The first thing you have to consider while buying an air stapler is the length of the nails or the staples. In the stapler, the maximum length that you can use is 50 millimeters. So, you need to check the nail’s length before you buy the air staplers.

The nail’s length will also depend on your work style. For example, cabinet made from solid woods will need greater nail lengths while for those who simply fix the upholstery, a nail’s length of 20 to 30 millimeters will do the job.

Fastener Type

You will have two types of staples that can fit inside the pneumatic stapler guns. The first one is the rounded staples which are basically used in the upholstery works or fox fixing two different components which don’t have a rigid surface. As for the trusted brands air staplers using the flat headed staples, it is suitable for joining surfaces having a flat shape. So, make sure to buy the stapler based on the type of staples you will need for your work.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of the trusted brands air staplers means the number of staples the gun can store at a time. Unlike the normal hand staplers, these guns have a very long groove where several staples can be stored.

However, there is a limit which usually depends on both the weight and the type of firing mechanism of the stapler. Based on your requirements, you have to make the perfect choice so that you don’t up having a gun with less capacity.

Operation Pressure

Since these pneumatic trusted brands air staplers work by the use of compressed air, every gun is associated with a threshold pressure limit. Higher the pressure capacity of the gun, deeper you will be able to drive the staples into the surface. So, you need to check the operational pressure rating of the stapler gun.

Firing Technique

Two types firing techniques are present for the trusted brands air staplers burst or continuous firing and sequential firing. In the first type, the stapler will continue shooting the staples once the trigger is switched on without the need of positioning the nozzle for each burst. As for the sequential firing, the worker needs to trigger the firing of the staples every time he puts the nozzle on the surface.

The last thing you need to consider is the ergonomics of the stapler gun. For example, it should be lightweight so that you can use it seamlessly. Similarly, the position of the handle should have adjustment facility so that you can hold it as per your convenience. Lastly, the vibrations should be less so that you can’t feel pain in your hand and joints.