The Whole Thing You Need To Be Familiar With About Roller Blinds


According to research, blinds are one of the favorite window accessories that most of the homeowners prefer. With this article we have tried out best to make you familiar with roller blinds. The blinds are defined as vertical and horizontal slats. It is made up of various plastics, fabrics, or metals. You can either get them custom made or you can opt for DIY roller blinds. Buying DIY roller blinds will help you to make and install the blinds that will perfectly fit your space. This article also talks about diverse types of blinds. It will help you to decide which type of blind suits you the best.

Difference Between Blinds and Shades

Many people use the term blinds for shades too and it is not their fault because all types of shades and blinds serve the same purpose. However, there is a fundamental difference that separates both before going any further; let us clear the difference between these two.

1. Blinds

The blinds come in many sizes, materials, and types—blinds that have individual slats and can be adjusted upward and downwards. The blinds can also be tilted sidewise. It helps you to control the light entering your room.

In most blinds, the cord is located on the side of blinds that allow the user to adjust their positing. The rod is located on the other side controls the blinds for opening and closing.

2. Shades

The shades come in varied sizes, materials, and types. It is not like blinds. These are made up of only one type of material. For this reason, the shades can only be adjusted upwards and downwards, not sidewise.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

Types of DIY roller blinds:

  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian roller blinds are one of the most popular options as they come with horizontal slats made up of plastic, wood, and metal. You can even tilt these blinds up to 180 degrees for adjusting the light entrance in your room. Modern-day venetian blinds come with cordless and DIY roller blind options too and it is preferable for families who have young children and pets.

  • Vertical Blinds

Vertical roller blinds come with individual slats which run along the track. It depends whether you want the vertical blinds to come with side opening or the middle. These types of DIY roller blinds are the popular choice for patio doors and windows. Vertical blinds produce various materials that suit your design and budget, including PVC, faux woods, and wood. The looks of these blinds are not extraordinary, but it requires less maintenance. If you are looking for sliding door blinds, then vertical blinds are the best option.

  • Mini Blinds

The mini DIY roller blinds are like the Venetian blind in terms of operation. These blinds feature a slate of small width as compared to the Venetian blinds. The mini blinds look a little ratty after using for few years. The faux wood or thicker woods look more elegant, but they will cost you more money. These mini blinds are complicated to maintain. It is because they have more slats for cleaning.

  • Panel Blinds

Panel DIY roller blinds are one of the best options for patio doors. It features sections that move with the track and allows the user to open and close.


Choosing roller blinds can be a lengthy and exhausting process. To get the best quality you have to spare some time out of your busy schedule as it is not easy to get something in a single shot. It is better to order DIY roller blinds from a reputed seller for your windows and doors because they will fit your needs properly.