Things to look for while buying electric lawn mowers


Cutting grasses regularly is as important as watering the plants. Lawnmowers are used in gardens to level the grasses, but it generates a lot of fumes. And hence, there is a growing demand for electric lawn mowers. There are two types of electric mowers, one which draws power from electricity via cords, and the second one is battery-operated. The batteries used in electric mowers usually range from 36 to 120 volts and always come with a backup battery if one stops working. In this blog, we will be focusing on the key attributes of battery-operated lawn mowers. There is a wide range of electric mower in the market, but you have to consider various factors when it comes to choosing the one. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few of them.

Features of electric lawn mowers

Electric Lawn Mower

  • Power rating

Power rating refers to the power of the electric mowerwhich is measured in watt (W). A lawnmower needs to be powerful as it needs to cover the whole lawn. So, the thumb rule is, the larger is your lawn, the higher will be the power of your mower.

  • Adjustment of height

According to lawn care experts, you must never cut grasses less than 30% of their total height. Hence, height adjustment is very necessary for lawnmowers. Usually, the cutting height of lawnmowers varies from 20 to 60 mm. However, many models offer 3 to 8 height settings, and so you must pay attention to the height adjustments provided by the electric lawn mowers you chose.

  • Deck size

Deck size is a very important factor when it comes to choosing an electric lawn mowers. It determines the breadth of the cutting swatch of your mower. A large deck size helps to cut the lawn effectively and easily in just a few passes. Hence, it not only saves your time but also saves your electricity. For example, a mower with around 20 inches deck size may level your lawn in just 75% of the time a 15 inches deck size lawnmower will take. On the other hand, a large lawnmower is quite heavy, and so it becomes difficult to use the mower and exercise it around the garden.

  • Blades of the mower

The blades are the key component of your mower. Based on the type of cutting that you need for your lawn, you can choose the right size of the blade.  Many types of blades are attached to different lawnmowers. Some mowers use flatter blades that do not raise the grass much and are responsible for protecting the battery life. Other mowers use curved blades, which are more precise. The sharpness of the blades may reduce with time, so it needs to be changed quite often. However, changing the blades is the only maintenance cost that is involved with electric mowers.

  • Battery life

Electric Lawn Mower

The performance of a battery depends on the voltage and the life of the battery. The voltage must be high enough for the battery to handle. The voltage is measured in volts, and the duration of the battery or the amperage is measured in ampere-hours (Ah). The higher the duration of the battery, the more powerful will be the electric mower.

  • Safety features

This is the last and final feature that you must look for in an electric mower. One benefit that battery-operated electric mowers are that you do not have to pull a heavy started cord to start the engine. Instead, some mowers get started with the help of a key and a starter handle, and some mowers use a key and a start button option. Mowers that start with a starter handle come with a safety mechanism. As soon as the handle slips from your hand, the mower engine will shut down. This helps in reducing the risks of accidents.


Electric lawn mowers are becoming quite popular nowadays as more people are focusing on environmentally friendly options. However, people prefer battery-run mowers over gas-powered mowers because battery-run mowers are quite affordable.