A Very Simple Yet Very Handy And Important Equipment – The Chainsaw



A chainsaw is a device that cuts with a set of teeth cut in its blade and attached to a rotating chain that is driven on a guide bar. It is used for cutting down big trees, pruning, limbing, bucking, harvesting firewood, and making firebreaks in the wildland so that a fire can be prevented from devastating extensive areas.

There are some specialized chainsaws that are used to cut concrete in the construction industry.  Heavy-duty chainsaws can cut down thick slabs of ice as is being used in Finland for winter swimming and ice sculpture.

Different Types Of Chainsaws

There are many chainsaws in the market and they look almost the same always. So you might find it very difficult to buy one. But if you are clear in your mind about what you want then the task becomes simpler.


The different types of chainsaws include:

Corded electric chainsaws

Here you get an edge over the other types of chainsaws in that you will never run out of power unless there is an outage in your area. They are very powerful and can be easily used. They vibrate less and work in silence which is very much desirable at least for the person who is using it. They are very low on maintenance. Its only drawback is that they will tie you down to one place. The best part is that the person who uses it does not need to put much effort into lifting it because it is very light in weight.

Gas-powered chainsaws

They are the most powerful among all the chainsaws.  They are heavy-duty equipment that can give you a lot in terms of efficiency. They can be used in cutting large and old trees with thick trunks. You can take them anywhere with you. But they have their drawbacks too. They are very loud and require regular maintenance in terms of checking the spark plugs, and filters and changing the oil regularly.

Battery-Operated chainsaws

They give you the benefit of being portable. They are extremely quiet making no sound that might bog down the user. They are very low on maintenance and do not require assistance and tugging at cords. But one major drawback is that they run out of power once the battery dies down and you are left with nothing to do unless they are charged again.

The Different Parts Of A Chainsaw

However simple a chainsaw may  seem, it is made up of numerous components such as:

  • Engine
  • Drive mechanism
  • Gauge
  • Guide bar
  • Grease holes at the bar nose
  • Oil holes
  • Guide slots

Safety Features Of A Chainsaw

No matter how simple the machine is, if it is not handled with care, it may cause heavy damage or even fatalities. It should be loaded with safety features to prevent untoward incidents.


The safety features of a chainsaw are:

  • Chain brake
  • Safety links
  • Less aggressive teeth for non-professional users
  • Protective clothing for the users

Safety Measures For Chainsaw Users

Before you start using your chainsaw make sure of the following so that you can avoid accidents.

  • Ensure the tension is correct
  • Check to see if the bar oil reservoir is full
  • The teeth of the chainsaw are sharp
  • No bolt or part is loose
  • The air filter is clean
  • The throttle lock is in good working condition
  • Properly functioning chain brake
  • Its power source is complete so that it does not die down in the middle of an operation

Whenever you use a chainsaw the most important thing to remember is that you should be fully geared and protected before using it and make sure to check that your device is in proper working condition.