DIY Vertical Storage Ideas For Small Apartments


Living in a small apartment with few closets and limited storage space can make you feel as if you’re bursting at the seams. It can be frustrating when you lack the storage space you desperately need. However, there are ways to combat this issue. Using vertical space can not only be functional, but it can also add style and character to any room. Make the most of what you have, and your apartment will feel much more manageable and livable. To help you do just that, in the rest of this article, we will go over some DIY vertical storage ideas for small apartments.

Why Go Vertical?

In a small apartment, the horizontal surface area might be very limited. If you went ahead with horizontal storage solutions, there might not be much space left to move around. Additionally, too much clutter on the floor or the countertops can make your room appear and feel more chaotic than it is. Moreover, it’s proven that there are numerous health benefits of having a decluttered home. That’s why vertical storage ideas, like using wall space, are a much better option.

DIY Vertical Storage Ideas

Not a lot of people look at their walls and see extra storage space. The key to utilizing the available space in your small apartment is to think outside the box. So, grab your DIY supplies and get creative.

Start Stacking

When you’re organizing small spaces, one of the most important things is making sure you can see and reach everything you need. If you find yourself tossing items into cabinets and hoping for the best, it’s time to invest in some stacking bins and drawers. Small drawers can be used to organize bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies. On the other hand, stacking bins can store items you rarely use up on high shelves. While you may not be able to DIY your stacking containers, you can certainly decorate or label them yourself. That way, you will know what’s in every container at a glance. You can easily find valuable online resources on the topic of organizing at, alongside other storage tips.

Hooks for hanging jackets.
Use hooks anywhere in your home to add more vertical storage.

Add Hooks 

Hooks are not just for bathrooms and the foyer. You can use them almost anywhere in your home, and they’re not expensive. Moreover, you can get them at virtually any hardware store. They are also easier to use than towel bars. You can use them in various creative ways to organize your things better.

Use them in the laundry room or pantry to keep your ironing board, mop, and broom out of the way. Alternatively, use hooks to keep jewelry from getting tangled on the top of the dresser. That’s a great life hack that will save you a good chunk of your time spent untangling your necklaces.

Store Things On The Inside Of Closet Doors 

Some people may already have a dish towel hook on the inside of the cabinet under their kitchen sink, but why not take it a step further? Hanging a small pegboard, adding a rail, or some wire shelves inside of your cupboard door is one of the best ways you can squeeze more storage space out of your small apartment.

You can use this trick to make space and store makeup, art supplies, and even towels and clothes. That way, you will expand your storage options and make things easier to reach when you need them.

An oven glove hanging on a hook outside the cabinet door.
Add a hook on the outside or the inside of your cabinet doors to maximize your storage space.

Maximize Your Shelf Space

Don’t be afraid to add shelves to your rooms. They offer just enough space for storing items you use daily at the top of your fingertips. And there are plenty of different options: ceiling shelves, corner shelves, and even behind-the-door shelves. All of these make for great storage ideas for a tidy living space. However, taller shelves mean you will be stacking items on top of each other and losing track of your belongings behind those stacks. This is a recipe for disaster. Using shelf organizers for your taller shelves will allow you to maximize the number of items you can fit in your cabinets. Furthermore, you will still be able to see everything at once. This will help you to keep things tidy while making the most of your storage space.

Ceramic dishes on a wooden shelf.
When you need more storage space – add a shelf.

Go Under

If you’ve used up most of your vertical storage in a small apartment but still have items to tuck away, consider storing things underneath your furniture. This does not imply simply stuffing all of your extra stuff under your bed. On the contrary, it means devising clever storage solutions that you can conceal with your furniture.

Consider Renting A Storage Unit

If you already tried decluttering and various DIY vertical storage ideas, and you still lack space for your things – you might need to look into a completely different solution. Renting a storage unit is a great way to keep the stuff you don’t use on a daily basis organized and safe. Storage facilities can provide both short- and long-term solutions for storing household, personal, and business items. However, make sure you get the unit size that meets your needs. Make an inventory list first so that you know which size unit to get to fit all your excess things.


Keeping your small apartment organized can feel like a never-ending battle. Fortunately, even the smallest spaces can be transformed into functional, beautiful areas with some effort. When there isn’t a lot of floor space in a room, the walls start to play an essential role as one of the best places to store your excess things. That’s why these simple DIY vertical storage ideas offer the best solutions to anyone struggling with the lack of storage space. Adding hooks, shelves, and stacking drawers can not only store your stuff more safely but also make your home look tidy and organized. One last thing to keep in mind is to try to use quality materials when possible. No matter where you add vertical storage, it’s a good idea to use long-lasting items whenever possible. Having to replace them costs more in the long run than simply getting good organizers from the start.