Vital Facts You Need To Know About Commercial Epoxy Flooring


Are you new to the concept of commercial epoxy flooring? Do you feel confused about its need and effectiveness? Then you have arrived at the right place to find answers to your questions. In this article we will try to enlighten you about the commercial epoxy flooring and how it is different. To start with, you need to understand that the flooring in residential area is much different from the one used in large commercial spaces like industry flooring, factory flooring, garage flooring, and outdoor flooring. The flooring used for the stated areas is much more tough and durable. The reason why this polished epoxy flooring is a first choice for concrete surfaces is due to its higher endurance to regular wear and tear. People mostly use this type of flooring in commercial kitchens or warehouses. This type of flooring is not only sustainable but can be customized also as per your desire.

Let us first understand the meaning of commercial epoxy flooring before analyzing its benefit.

What is Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

When you are planning for new flooring for industrial usage, make no mistake but opt for the epoxy resin flooring. Well, epoxy can be explained as a two part chemical liquid resin. When the two parts are mingled together, it results in a reaction. This culminates into a very hard plastic film that is conveniently applied on concrete floors of the factory or garage. This unique film acts as a protective coating that ensures greater sustainability that survives for a longer period of time. Commercial epoxy flooring is also known as resinous flooring, and is light and made of anti-corrosive material.

Its unique composition and property makes it the first preference for aircrafts, construction and electronic devices. In our case it provides a protective coating on the concrete surface. Apart from providing high resistance to rough handling, it also looks good. You can customize your design as per your choice. It promises to be a long-lasting flooring option for you.

4 Core Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring:

1. Epoxy Floors are Resistant to Heavy Chemicals: The primary benefit of these types of flooring is that the epoxy flooring is resistant to harsh or abrasive chemicals; otherwise these chemicals can have detrimental effect on the flooring. Ideally, this flooring is preferred in warehouses, industrial facilities, kitchen and laboratories. Another reason being that epoxy floors are stain resistant. If any acid spills over the surface, you can simply wipe it off without any stain. However, it can be a cause of concern in porous concrete flooring. 

2. Easy to Apply and Safe: Applying the epoxy coating is super convenient; it does not require a lot of labor. In other types of flooring lot of masonry work is involved and is fairly time consuming. The epoxy floor is most suited for commercial spaces because it is resistant to fire, slippage and varying temperature. It is completely safe and resistant to mold, bacteria and germs. Thus, this flooring is best suited in commercial kitchens or sanitized environments like hospitals or clinics. 

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Commercial floors are spill or dust proof. So, you can be rest assured that a little spill can be wiped off with a cloth. Dry and wet mopping with water and detergent solution is needed for deep cleaning of the floor. It is easy to remove dust, dirt and debris from the surface when needed. In commercial buildings where there are more footfalls, periodic deep cleaning may be required. 

4. Durability: The epoxy flooring is laced with epoxy coating that enhances its durability. It also enhances the longevity of the floor and makes it resistant to external damages. The floor can tackle the impact of heavy weight or scratches. It is a perfect choice for industries and factories because of the usage of heavy machinery, though this does not harm the flooring.


Hence, epoxy flooring is the most cost-effective flooring that is ideal for industrial usage. Its durability, safety and easy maintenance make it a popular choice amongst consumers.