Why Do You Need A Pallet Wrapping Machine?


While you are running a business, you are bound to do some packing as well for delivery. And not to remind you that packing is a very important part of the manufacturing business. In this regard, it is advisable to use a pallet wrapping machine instead of hand wrapping for various reasons, from economical to effective. A pallet wrapping machine, as the name suggests, includes stretch-clinging the film till the pallet or commodity is fully wrapped and secured.

Is a pallet wrapping machine worth the investment?

In this, the stretch film is stretched as per the requirement and then wrapped to the required product. This helps in saving on wrapping as well as is quite efficient and less time-consuming than the hand wrapping or traditional wrapping methods.

Advantages of using pallet wrapping machine:

Here are some of the advantages of using the pallet wrapping machine.

Reduction in cost of pallet wrapping material

Reducing the cost of wrapping materials can help you with investing that amount somewhere else to make more profit. It is believed that by using pallet wrapping, we can reduce the cost of wrapping material to as low as 20%. With wholesale packaging supplies and operational costs, business owners are always on the look to reduce the cost of wrapping.

The best way for that is to use pallet wrapping. With manual or hand wrapping, the pre-stretched film is always underutilized. This can be avoided using a pallet wrapping machine. As the saying goes, a pallet wrapping machine can stretch the pre-stretch film 240 times as compared to manual methods, which can only stretch 10%-20%.

Wrapping is consistent

With manual wrapping, a person goes around the commodity or pallet approximately 20 times, and the consistency is not guaranteed. But with a pallet wrapping machine, one can wrap the pallet around 50 times or more with ease and with the same consistency. Hence, providing a protective layer without all the hassle.

Also, if the commodity is not properly wrapped, then the chances of damage are high, which can lead to more financial loss. These all can be avoided by using a pallet machine that not only provides a better wrapping solution that is consistent and also keeps the product safer and more secure.

This will help in cost reduction, which can be caused by damage to the product or because of inconsistency in the wrapping.

Labor cost

Maintaining the labor for the wrapping can be a hassle and costly affair comparatively. As per the estimates, one laborer can pack around 10 pallets a day and would need to be paid around $20-$30 every day.

Although they won’t provide the same efficiency or consistency, with a pallet wrapping machine that is mostly automated, the staff would never have to worry about packaging or wrapping and can concentrate fully on picking and dropping the pallets or commodities.

Many businesses do not incorporate pallet wrapping machines as either they do not know about it, or they are comfortable with the traditional method, or they think investing in pallet wrapping machines is not economical. However, once you get to know about the functions, you will fall in love with it and there will be no going back. So, give it a try!

But as you can see, a pallet wrapping machine can help you in a lot of ways to decrease the cost of wrapping. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and look for a pallet wrapping machine that can work with your business and can help you in increasing sales and delivery time.