Your SEO Work Role In Publishing Articles


Article marketing is a form of online advertising whereby short articles, of approximately 400 words, are created and then posted to a variety of article marketing sites, including EzineArticles, GoArticles and Ehow. These articles are written with the strategy of being widely distributed and publicised in the marketplace, within the specific industries that your business operates within.

When the articles are posted to the various article marketing sites, there is an opportunity to place an author bio. This is the opportunity to write about yourself, your company, the unique selling proposition to market and most important, a strong one way link to your website.


Articles that are well written and posted on article marketing sites for release and distribution work to create the perception of business credibility, experience and expertise. It also increases the online visibility of the business and the range of services that are provided to market.

The search engines have been altering their algorithms for some time, with the biggest change being towards rating the quality of content. Well written blogs, articles and website content is the key method of achieving increases in the search engine rankings. The days of quality over quality are disappearing and the realisation that is hitting all businesses is that dubious methods of creating keyword rich content, such as article spinning, will not produce the results desired; and can even work to lower your ranking as Google is now penalising those websites which contain or promote links with low quality content.


Article marketing is a manner in which to maximise the return on investment for the monetary or time resources dedicated to writing the article. By writing one quality article and then posting this on the multitude of article marketing sites available, you will be able to maximise the results.

So what are the key benefits of article marketing? Firstly, distributing your content through online distributors can bring literally thousands of visitors and potential customers to the business website. Secondly, by creating professionally written articles within a particular topic or industry, the business will be perceived as an expert or authority in the area. When people enjoy reading the articles, people will become to trust the option and viewpoints of the business; even become more susceptible to subtle marketing messages and calls to action within the article.


Search engines rate the number of high quality links coming into the website as an important measure as to the popularity of the website; and increases the location of the website in the rankings accordingly. Article marketing is an excellent form of link building, with high PR ranking links being directed to the business website with each article published. Furthermore, content in the form of articles is great for attracting visitors who use Long Term keywords and descriptions to find suitable businesses, products and services.

As mentioned previously, the key to success is the quality of the content; not necessarily the content. Writing is a specific skill that is hard to replicate without training and much experience. To ensure that your content is of the highest quality, search for a specialist search engine optimisation company who hire professional writers; this way you will ensure your search rankings will increase while creating a perception of credibility and trust within the markets that the business serves.