Resolve the Troubles of the Blocked Toilet


Once in a while we have to face the undesirable issues with the toilets. The clogging of the toilet can occur for so many reasons and some of them are subtly latent in our habits.

Reasons for clogs

Not to mention that the continuous repetition of the same habits result in frequent clogging and those habits are throwing tissue papers in the toilet, throwing hairs in the toilet, throwing sanitary napkins or the inclusion of any non-flushing rigid items. Other reasons for blocked toilet can possibly be the non-sufficient capacity of the water flushing tank, flushing flow is not powerful, the old pipeline’s work system, blockage in the drains or any other relevant things. Sometimes the kids throw the foreign objects non-suitable for the flushing which also leads to the toilets being clogged.

Measures To Resolve The Blocked Toilets

Well, there are certain ways to resolve the blocked toilets some of them are all in-home techniques and some require the usage of chemicals. However, they are discussed briefly down below:

Usage of Hot Water And Dish Soap

When the toilet is mildly blocked pour some dish soap, shampoo or any other suitable detergent and on the same hand heat up the water below the boiling point and pour both into the toilet seat. And then let it be for the 10 to 15 minutes. After that flush out the toilet and the toilet will get unclogged. However, this is effective for mild blockages and will do more damage to the heavyly blocked toilet. There is no other alternative to this other than calling for professional help in case of clogs.

blocked toilet Clayton
Blocked Toilet Clayton

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Bking soda and vinegar are the topmost priority for cleaning the things when nothing special for serving the purpose is available. It has always served best and is the cheapest option to go for. All you have to do is pour the baking soda in the optimum amount into the toilet and then after some time add on the vinegar. This, as a result, will form some bubbles and unclog the toilet seat.


This is a suitable tool to deal with the blocked toilet as it is specially designed to get rid of these clogged troubles. One has to grip the plunge in the centre of the toilet and carefully push it downwards and then upwards to create the optimum suction pull. After performing this you will notice the passage of water and if not so then repeat the same act 4 to 5 times. And possibly after this processthe blockage will get vanished.

Using House Hold Bleach

Another effective thing to use for the blocked toilets is the household bleach to sort out the trouble related to it. Pour the suitable amount of the household bleach with some detergent, soap, or shampoo and leave it for some time and then flush out the toilet and the blockage problem will be resolved. Not to mention that it is a very easy and cheapest way to do so. 

Clog Removing Chemicals

So, there are certain chemicals available in the market which are essentially woring for unclogging the blocked toilets. These chemicals are strong and never disappoint you when used. You can pour these chemicals in optimum amounts and flush them out after some time. These chemicals dissolve the non-flushing material causing the blockage and clearing out the drain, hence is a must buying item if one faces this blockage problem regularly.

All the above-mentioned tips are very helpful to sort out the blockage problem and one must definitely try this before jumping for the assistance of the plumber. When there is a heavy blockage problem and all the above-mentioned household techniques do not work then possibly it’s time to use the impeccable measure to do the same. You must at all costs inform a plumber first.