Important Of Contact Lenses In Kids Life


As a first impression, it is very hard to imaging children and contact lenses to be mentioned in the same sentence. These two ends up being a perfect match. However, the kid referred to here is typically a teenager. Also, the contacts are a good suggestion for the teenager based on his/her maturity and ability to responsibly deal with the situation in hand. Before teenagers or kids of a lower age opt for contact lenses there are certain points that need to be kept in mind. Situations Where The Kids Might Need The Lenses Along With The Using Procedure Of The Product.

Lenses For Kids Who Are Athletes

Lenses are an ideal choice every kid who is active in sports. Generally, contacts are known to offer a wide range of advantages over glasses. Even if your kid wears glasses made of polycarbonate lenses, still then as a parent you must be worried. This is because the frames can act as an obstruction during contact sports, which can cause serious eye injuries. One more reason to avoid eyeglasses is that they can fog up during intense competition, which in turn affects performance and vision.

In addition to eliminating these problems, contact lenses provide several benefits too, like providing a clear view of the players and the playing field. This helps the kid in by providing good peripheral vision, which enables the kids to react rather quickly to opposing players and objects like baseball or soccer ball that is coming from the side.

Contact lenses are far steadier than eyeglasses when the kids are running. This all contributes to a stable and accurate vision.

There are many contacts, especially certain brands who offer improved optics when compared to eyeglasses. This in turn leads to vision that is clear, which in turn improves the overall performance in sport. Example – wearing a contact a baseball coming toward the kid can be seen quickly and crisply and he will be able to hit the baseball.

The Idea Of Decorative Lenses For Kids

This factor comes up for discussion during the time of Halloween. If the decorative lenses are prescribed by eye doctors, then the parents can be assured that it is safe coupled with the fun factor. (It is very important to understand that decorative lenses don’t correct the vision of the kid.)

However, problems show up if they are not fitted by the right kind of professional. The contact lenses found in beauty stores, costume stores, and flea markets are far lower in quality than the ones that are fitted. There are certain eye-related government agencies that strongly warn the kids from using lenses that result in eye infection, which may result in blindness, vision loss, injury, and many more. Don’t ever let your kid take any risk related to the eyes.

Understand The Procedures

Along with the benefits it is very important to understand the procedures when it comes to handling contact lenses.

Some of these procedural facts you need to know are:

  • When to remove and replace a pair that is worn-out
  • Avoiding swapping or sharing contacts with another individual
  • Never to use tap water, spit, distilled water, or non-sterile saline solutions that are made at home
  • Ensuring that the makeup is applied after the contact lenses are fitted
  • To regularly use hypoallergenic products meant for skin and cosmetics that are marked “for wearers of contact lens” or “for people who have sensitive eyes”
  • Removing contact lenses at the sign of irritation.

All these are tips on how to handle contact lenses for eye wear. The parents should understand that it is their kids and absolute care should be taken when dealing with kids. All kinds of research should be done to ensure that the kids are wearing the right kind of contact lenses.