How to Make Your New Home Kid-Friendly???


If you are a proud new homeowner, congratulations are in order. You have so much excitement to share and plans to make. If you are also a parent, one of your top priorities will surely be to make your new home kid-friendly. This task can vary depending on your kids’ ages, your budget, and, most importantly, your energy level. You might think that you will have to sacrifice your design ideas, but you would be surprised by how well you can incorporate both. Let’s explore some of the many options out there. And if you are a DIY enthusiast, you are in for a treat on your decorating journey.

Getting started

The number one rule when starting any home project is to mentally prepare yourself beforehand. There will be many small obstacles and things that you will not be able to control, and that’s ok. If you arm yourself with patience, room for error, and plenty of time, you will come out a winner. You want to make sure that your children take part in creating the home’s interior design. But you also do not want your home to completely lack that adult vibe either. Finding the right balance is key. Plan as much as you can ahead of time. Your kids will easily distract you once you move in, and you do not want to get off track.

In case you are making a long-distance move

If you are moving long-distance to your new home, this can be both exciting and stressful. Exhausting for most people. Now add going through this with small children, and you can give yourself a full-blown panic attack. Dreading this endeavor is a normal reaction, but it does not need to be all that bad. Even though a long-distance move is difficult for the parents, most children will find it thrilling and fun.

A smiling woman putting a baby into a car seat.
Make the long-distance move fun for your little ones.

Organize activities for your little ones, arm yourself with their favorite toys, and build up the excitement about their new home as much as possible. In addition to that, the most important thing is to organize everything both at your old and new destination. Make sure that you tie all loose ends and prepare the new home as much as you can for the arrival. You want to at least have the beds ready for a good night’s sleep. The last thing you need to deal with when you arrive is having to prepare all this with cranky and tired babies on your hands.

Helpful tips to make your new home kid-friendly

Both you and your children are going to need to feel at home in your new home. It is important to make kid-friendly adjustments where needed and have your own “kid-free” areas.

  • If your new home allows it, dedicate an area or a room for your children. They can be involved in decorating and will enjoy giving you ideas and having their imagination come to life. Your little ones will be overjoyed to have a “no-grownups” space where they can play at their heart’s content.
  • In their space, you can get your kids involved in some DIY projects. Create a blackboard together where they can play fun games, draw and let their imagination run wild.
  • If you have a backyard, create an outdoor play area. You can also build a treehouse together with your kids. If this is not an option, building a tent is just as much fun. They can spend hours on end there and even invite their friends over to share in the fun.

How you can get your kids involved

  1. Without a doubt, your children have made many works of art that you proudly keep in your house. Why not use those as part of your décor? You could frame some of them and hang them in the kids’ space. Another great DIY idea is to make a big collage out of several drawings or even turn them into a fun wallpaper for one of the walls.
  2. If you do not already have your kids’ art—have them create some. They will be thrilled to get messy with paint on their hands and create something abstract on a large canvas or paper.
  3. Another great way you can get your kids involved in making your home kid-friendly is to ask them for insight. Have them choose some of the furniture, beddings, or wallpapers for their areas.
  4. Puzzle foam mats are an enjoyable way to get your children busy. They will have fun putting these together in their rooms or play area, and the mats are super useful for the little ones to safely play on.

Don’t forget that you live there too

Now that you have created this awesome creative environment for your kids, you want to make sure to set some ground rules. You do not want the entire house to become a playground. Just as your children have their special space, you are entitled to your own. Blend the two as much as possible, but also allow yourself to express your personal design ideas. Your master bedroom is indeed one space where you can work on that. Create a private sanctuary keeping in mind that, yes, your kids will run in every morning, so stay away from choosing sharp edges.

A teddy bear next to a basked and a beige blanket.
Try to make your new home kid-friendly with a pinch of grown-up-friendly.

The second “adult-friendly” area should absolutely be your living room. This is where you will spend family moments but also entertain your guests. So while this part of the house should be comfortable for everyone, ensure to incorporate some tweaks which will turn it into a grownup zone when needed. Create elegant storage spaces that will blend in with your décor seamlessly. Consider wooden boxes that match your furniture theme. Otherwise, pick out baskets that can fit in or bring a pop of color to your space. Put them in the corners of the living room, and this way, you can easily stow away any toys that are otherwise lying around.

Enjoy the space that you have created as a family

Throughout the effort to make your new home kid-friendly, you might be surprised by how much you actually enjoyed it. It will undoubtedly wake up your inner child, and you might end up wanting to take over your kids’ fun space. The entire experience will certainly bring the family closer together, and you will appreciate the benefits once the dust settles.