Reasons to Install Porcelain Tiles At Home


Porcelain tiles have been considered and utilized for centuries for various applications like backsplashes, walls, and floors. Most homeowners face difficulty when it comes to deciding what type of tile used in the home is durable, requires low maintenance, and enhances the value. You will be glad after knowing that porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. From the kitchen to bathroom, flooring, backsplashes to wall, porcelain tiles is a great tiling material.

Are you thinking of revamping your old space? If yes, you should definitely choose the porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA because it is extremely durable, pretty much impervious to water, everlasting designs, and excellent for high traffic areas.


Top Reasons to install porcelain tile at home 

1.   Extremely durable and Long-Lasting

As mentioned above, porcelain tiles are more durable and long-lasting than any other tiling material. Depending on the quality, the average lifespan of porcelain tiles is 15-20 years. It can withstand high traffic areas and those areas at home that might be exposed to wear and tear. This tile is made with the type of clay that has to be fired at a very high temperature, leaving it dense. This process removes the water from the material and makes it more water-resistant and extremely durable.

2. Affordable

Another significant reason to opt for porcelain tiles for flooring or wall is that they are highly durable. Depending on the quality, variety, and type it’s the cost is decided. If you are looking for the best-in-quality porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA at affordable rates, then The Tile Life is the best place. Here you will get an extensive range of porcelain tiles collections at affordable pricing. 

3. Easy to care

Whether you use porcelain mosaic floor tiles or wall tiles, they all are easy to care for and install. Only a light mopping or sweeping is enough to look good as new. Because of this reason, many homeowners pick this tile for flooring instead of carpeting. It doesn’t chip or gets dirty easily, and because of low moisture content, it won’t chip in freezing conditions if you use this tile for exterior decor.

4. Beautiful

Porcelain tiles are aesthetics, beauty, and don’t lose their beauty over time. One of the most popular reasons why people purchase porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA, the decoration, pattern, and color of porcelain can complement any room. Bring elegance and sophistication to your home with the porcelain mosaic floor tiles and wall tiles. We at The Tile Life provide you with beautifully designed and eye-appealing porcelain tiles at cost-effective rates.

5. Application

The process to install other tiling material is long and complicated. Since porcelain tiles pattern laid on the mesh-backed for easy and fast installation. The porcelain mosaic floor tiles, wall, backsplashes, bathtub surround, and cover edges of the walls are common applications.

Now that you understand why porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA are the best decor option for revamping the space. We at The Tile Life offer you a wide range of porcelain mosaic floor tiles, wall tiles, and backsplashes. Let’s review our collection and choose the perfect one for your home.


Trendy porcelain Mosaic Tiles Collection 

“1X1” Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Our honeycomb Hexagon porcelain tile can bring a warm feel to your space. This tile is the perfect addition to your next bathroom or kitchen renovation, or you can add a fun touch to your laundry room as well. Once installed, it adds a high level of sophisticated and lovely vibes to your room. If you are for the calm, beautiful, and light in color porcelain mosaic tiles in the USA, Honeycomb Hexagon never lets you down. 

Helix “1X1” Porcelain Mosaic Tiles

Helix porcelain mosaic tiles are timeless, rich, and affordable. The convenient mesh backing makes installation fast and quick. The common application of this tile is backsplashes, bathroom flooring, and shower walls.

Metro Moon

Bring a moon vibe to your house with our soothing Metro Moon tiles. It will make the perfect backsplash to any kitchen or bathroom. This moon porcelain tile comes in four colors, snow, moon, night, and multi-color.