Choosing The Right French Pattern Travertine Tiles- Points to Note


French pattern travertine is a range of charismatic and classy stones, which have been used for centuries in building monuments and grand structures. French pattern travertine can be an amazing option for using as tiles and pavers. It can be made to fit in any area be it indoors or outdoors. French pattern travertine tiles can be of various sizes, like 8×8,8×16,16×16 and 16×24.

The thickness of these tiles is about ½” inches, which makes them suitable for installing both vertically and horizontally. You should always start laying the tiles from outside to inside to avoid cuts.

French Pattern Travertine Tiles
French Pattern Travertine Tiles

When it comes to choosing a French pattern travertine, there are certain important points to take note of which are as follows-

  • Consider The Size-
    First; you must consider the size of the French pattern travertine tiles. The size is based on where you are installing it. You can measure the tiles according to that. Choosing travertine tiles with a bigger pattern show off its natural beauty while on the other hand, choosing small patterns focuses your eyes on its intricate details.
  • Consider The Color-
    Considering the color of the stones is an important step for choosing French pattern travertine tiles. You can choose one specific color for your pavement, or two, three or four different colors. More number of colors leads to difficulty in tracking. Choosing vibrant colors brings a life to your pavement. While, on the other hand, choosing statement colors give your area a hint of sophistication and elegance. It totally depends on you what color you will choose.
  • Consider The Stone Texture-
    Considering stone texture is as much important as considering size and color of French pattern travertine tiles. You should choose how would you like your paver, smooth or rough? Various kinds of texture add various aesthetic and you should choose only that one which matches your taste.
  • Where are You Going to Install?
    You must consider where you are going to install the tiles. Unfilled and tumbled tiles are slip resistant and best to use for outdoor spaces like pavements, patios and swimming pools. While on the other hand, filled and smooth tiles are best for indoor spaces as they have a refined finish and have a modern look.

    French Pattern Travertine Tiles
    French Pattern Travertine Tiles
  • How Frequently are You Going to Clean?
    A French pattern travertine needs to be cleaned to ensure durability.  That is why, outdoor spaces must be installed with unfilled and tumbled tiles as it requires less maintenance, and it goes through more usage.  The indoor spaces should be laid with filled and honed tiles as they are more delicate and is high maintenance.
  • Consider The Costs-
    French patter travertine is a natural material. In these times of low quality and harmful materials, it is a boon. Due to its natural origin, they are a bit expensive. But, in the long term it enhances your property value.
  • Weather of The Area-
    You should keep in mind that French pattern travertine is not suitable for areas with high snowfall and longer periods of freezing.
  • Check Quality Before Purchasing-
    Sometimes, there are cracks on the stones. In such cases, you must check thoroughly before purchasing a French pattern travertine.

Final Words-

These were some of the many points which you should always keep in mind while choosing or purchasing French pattern travertine. There are different types of travertine that are heat, cold and slip resistant and its environment friendly nature. Despite many disadvantages like having holes, a French pattern travertine is the best option.