DIY Nursery Decor Tips


Preparing for a baby’s arrival is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. Pregnancy usually brings out the creative side in every mom, and the nesting instinct kicks in. Therefore, it’s a great time to try out one of our DIY nursery decor ideas. Not only are they simple and easy, but you’ll be able to make your nursery unique and special. We hope they’ll inspire you to create a perfect space for your little bundle of joy.

Throw a baby shower

Although it’s not really one of the DIY nursery decor tips, we strongly recommend throwing a baby shower. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with your friends before your baby arrives. Let’s be honest; after your baby is here, you won’t get too much time to socialize. Also, you will obviously get many much-needed baby things.

After you figure out what to wear for your baby shower, focus on creating your wish list. However, even though stores offer many interesting things, it’s always nicer to make an effort, get creative, and create something special on your own. You can even turn your baby shower into a DIY nursery decor party, and further in this article, we’ll try to inspire you with some interesting decor ideas

A woman opening a gift at her baby shower with four friends sitting next to her.
Throwing a baby shower is a good way to get many things you need. More importantly, you get a chance to spend quality time with your closest friends before your little one arrives.

DIY Wall art

No matter what kind of style you have planned for your nursery, wall art is a must. The best part is that creating attractive wall decor is pretty simple and easy.

Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Alphabet wall – This is an excellent choice for a gender-neutral nursery. If you love vintage, it’s a perfect way for you to create a statement piece that will draw everyone’s attention. You can use different color papers or even make the letters out of wood.
  • Floral monograms – Although this is a very popular wedding decoration, it can also look great in a nursery. If you already decided on the name for your baby, you can spell it using simple cardboard paper and decorating it with fake flowers.
  • Birth stat chalkboard – This is another cute idea that will enrich the space in your nursery. You simply need to prepare it before your baby arrives and, afterward, fill out the important details such as date of birth, birth weight, and similar.

DIY baby gym

Baby gyms are a very useful tool to help your baby develop and strengthen their motor skills. Although there are many choices in stores all around you, making one on your own can save you money. Not only that, but it’s also a fun way to use your spurt of creativity and make something special for your baby.

Baby gym is very easy to make – you’ll need four pieces of wood that are the same size, tools, and toys to hang on it. A good idea is to create a larger baby gym so you can use it as a frame for a play tent.

A mother holding her baby and sitting on a couch.
If you plan on moving, make sure to hire professionals.

Even if you plan on moving soon after your baby’s birth, have in mind that these decorations are easy to pack and transport. However, as you’ll be busy taking care of your baby, it can be challenging to focus on moving, and you’ll have to overcome the challenges of relocating with a baby. Therefore, make sure to research moving companies and hire the most reliable and experienced movers. They will move your belongings safe while you can focus all of your attention on your little one.

DIY storage ideas

Storage space is one thing you can never seem to get enough of, no matter which part of your home is in question. You want to make your home kid-friendly and also ensure that you have enough space for all baby things. Therefore, you will need to get creative with maximizing the available space in your nursery.

To help you, we’ve prepared some easy DIY storage ideas that are not only functional but decorative, as well:

  • Rope shelves – A great way to use walls for storage is to create rope shelves. You’ll need several light wooden boards and thread rope. You can paint it a color that matches the rest of your nursery and use it to store baby books, toys, or anything else that comes to your mind.
  • Toybox with wheels – If you have a wooden crate you don’t know what to use for, turning it into a toy chest with wheels could be a good choice. You will also need colored casters and different tools. You can also make a cushioned seat on top of it and make it even more functional.
  • Fabric storage basket – This is another simple and easy thing to make by yourself. It’s a cute way to store different baby items in your nursery. You’ll need fabric for the outside, a lining fabric, rope for handles, and a basic sewing kit. You can choose the color or the pattern and make it fit well with your nursery design.

DIY baby mobiles

There is no baby that doesn’t like looking at colorful baby mobiles that hang above their heads. Making one on your own is very simple. However, it’s definitely one of the cutest crafts you can make.

One of the simplest nursery decor tips is to create a baby mobile.
Every baby is fascinated and loves baby mobiles. However, creating a unique one on your own for your baby makes it that much more special.

When it comes to baby mobiles, there is no limit regarding colors, materials, or patterns. The easiest, cheapest, but very effective way to go is to either use ribbons or foil paper. Besides that, you’ll need metal rings and baker’s twine to tie it all together. You can further play with design and colors.

Final thoughts

We hope our DIY nursery decor tips have inspired you to create something special for your little one. Having a baby will massively change your life and bring love and joy you’ve never experienced so far. We wish you the best of luck and to create many happy memories in your freshly decorated nursery.