How To Rule Your First Time In A Brothel – Tips For Ladies


The first few times in a brothel could be a very confusing process. Introducing to the clients and providing services can be exhilarating. Meanwhile, you can try out these tips to start getting used to it. The five-star brothels have all the facilities of food, staying, pleasure-seeking and fun activities with the right escorts or call girls and boys. You can avail the discount offers and better festive varieties that offer you the finest moments of your life.

What Is A Brothel? 

Prostitution is as old as Shakespeare’s plays and people must seem to forget the power of the brothels. Nowadays, you will find a lot of five-star brothels owning the place with its sophistication. But when you turn back time, you would see how raw brothels used to be.

By definition, a brothel is a place where people would pay to have sex with prostitutes. A lot of countries do not consider prostitution as a way of earning and have thus illegalized it. But today over 15 countries have legalized prostitution and are successfully working to contribute to the economy. It is also a point how these brothels are not a part of social stigma anymore, but many men and women take to this profession willingly. It is a growing source of revenue in the global market.

How To Make Your First Time In A Brothel Better? 

If you are concerned with introducing yourself as a prostitute, then you should brace yourself. It could be embarrassing for the first time and make you feel objectified. This feeling will soon pass in five-star brothels.

Being Your Self 

The most important thing that you will need to emphasize is being yourself. The more you are yourself and in touch with your stronger feminine side, the better you will have control over the situation. Different five-star brothels have their own set of rules whether how much time you can spend on introducing yourself to your client.  Thus, you need to be upfront and prepared with a strong idea of who you are.

Smiling More 

It is the worst when someone would ask you to smile more because you’d be more pretty. But when you are on the job you must adhere to that. This is part of the communication technique, body language and basic etiquette that can spark a fire within you and the male or female partner. smile can lead to better touch, bodily and sexual communication. The initial inhibition gets lost with a smile.

Know Your Customers 

Ask them questions and talk to them more. Once you are accustomed to talking to them every day, you will get the hang of it. But the idea is not to know as much as possible about your customers and get comfortable in their atmosphere.  Ice breakers like what do they do for a living and how have they been etc.

Be Sexy 

The primary work of a prostitute in a five-star brothel is to be sexy all the time. Hence pick out a nice outfit that would highlight the breasts and the butt. This will make you more desirable and make your clients ask for you more. Enunciate the parts which you think are your best features. Maybe wear the outfit that gets you the most compliments. Remember to dress for your clients when you are working.


In conclusion, being a prostitute is not an easy job. There are many clients who dare to misbehave with women. That is why you should work under credible five-star brothels so that you do not get the kind of customers. You need to check the updated paying and protective methods that are available in the five-star brothels. Then you choose the best one accordingly.